5 Reasons Why Digital Sticky Notes Can Help in the Design Process


You can find work area utility programming apps for use on both home computers and in offices. Digital post it notes or sticky notes are a type of work area programming application that can help to make your workflow easier. These are easy to understand apps that anybody can set up to help with putting together your daily agenda that can be adjusted to various work needs without any issues. When it comes to the design process, digital sticky notes can be a hugely useful tool for meeting deadlines, jotting down ideas, having the client’s brief in a place that is easy to access, and more. Some of the main reasons to consider switching to digital sticky notes as a designer include:

Go Paperless

If you are hoping to go greener with your work and want to reduce your paper use, then digital sticky notes can be an ideal alternative. Instead of physical sticky notes stuck on your monitor screen or around the office, you can place them on your desktop instead, which can be a great way to start reducing your carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet with the work that you do when it comes to reducing paper waste.

Collaborate Better

You can use various digital post-it notes tools that allow you to easily collaborate with other designers, project managers, clients, and other people involved in the design process. You can create sticky notes that are immediately shared with others and see the sticky notes that other people are creating within your collaboration tool. This makes it the perfect option for remote teams to share ideas quickly and easily with one another.

Easy to Organize

While regular sticky notes can get messy and unorganized very quickly, digital sticky notes can streamline the design process by being much easier to organize and sort. Instead of having to remember where you have physically stuck your sticky notes or accidentally losing the one that you need, you can keep them all in one single place and easily find the best one at any given time. With digital sticky notes, you can easily implement organization plans, for example, color-coding your sticky notes to make it easier to find the one that you need at any given time, without the worry of running out of that color with physical sticky notes.

Give Instant Feedback

Another benefit of digital sticky notes throughout the design process is that they can be used to give and receive instead feedback. Thanks to the ease of collaboration with others that is offered by digital sticky notes tools, you can easily provide feedback to somebody that you are working with or get instant feedback on something that you are working on in a quick and easy to access way, rather than waiting for a phone call or email that might disrupt your workflow.

Brainstorm Ideas

If you are part of a design team or leading a design team that is working on a project, then virtual sticky notes can make it easier for teams to interact and exchange files. Along with this, many employees find that with digital sticky notes, they can process things better and more quickly, which makes them an ideal choice for brainstorming ideas. You can easily use a digital sticky notes app to exchange ideas and develop plans, even if members of the design team are all working remotely from different locations.

Easy to Read

We’ve all worked with that one person who has messy handwriting, or maybe you are the person with messy handwriting. In fact, it’s not unusual for creative people to have handwriting that even they struggle to understand sometimes – it’s not a bad thing, it just means that your brain works quite quickly. But when it comes to writing and sharing post-it notes during the design process, handwritten notes can run the risk of information being misunderstood or not understood at all. With virtual post-it notes, you can easily choose which typeface you want to use to ensure that the notes are easy to understand. You can adjust the size, color, and make the font bold, italic, or underlined if needed to make sure that your message is put across clearly.

If your workstation as a designer often gets messy and unorganized with sticky notes and pieces of paper with information written down, then it might be time to consider switching to digital post it notes. Not only are they easier to organize and keep track of, but you can also easily share them for collaboration.