5 Best Websites for Learning Math


Math doesn’t excite many children, and most of the fear and anxiety attached are caused by the teaching methods. To remedy the situation, experts created online sites where kids could learn math. Thankfully, the increasing popularity of homeschooling has opened many parents’ eyes to online learning opportunities that are available to their kids.

As a loving parent, you’re reading this piece hoping to find a reliable alternative for your child to learn math. If that’s the case, you’re in luck! This article will review the best websites for learning math and improving children’s problem-solving skills.


Whether your child needs to start from the basics, learn math for 1st graders, or handle more complex concepts of 5th-grade math, Brighterly has the right tools and personnel. This math education website brings a breath of fresh air to online learning for kids by designing curriculums based on Common Core Math. They cover skip-counting, two-digit multiplication, area and perimeter, and other topics using fun exercises, interactive sessions, and printable worksheets.

You can rest assured that Brighterly’s tutors will listen to your kid and consider their feedback on the teaching strategies. The one-on-one approach ensures that students learn at a comfortable pace, and you, the parent, get your money’s worth. They will also keep you in the loop regarding your child’s progress, with Parent Advisors contacting you accordingly.

What’s more? Parents can choose the most suitable tutors for their children. And if your child needs a breather between math lessons and exercises, you can reschedule a class.

So, if you’re looking for a math education site that prioritizes fun and flexibility in learning without watering down the quality of its programs, register on Brighterly.com.

Math Playground

If you’re looking for free educational content, add Math Playground to the list of reliable alternatives for online teaching children. This platform is colorful, attractive to youngsters, and was founded by a former math teacher. It used animated videos and math games categorized based on grade and topic to keep children hooked.

The games will make your child more proficient at addition, division, decimal equations, etc. Kids will also handle word problems that guide them on how to solve math problems in real-world scenarios. Expectedly, the app boasts a 5-star rating on the Educational Appstore.

You can navigate Math Playground to find suitable content for children in 1st through 6th grade. The site’s design is beautiful and interactive, and the only gripe you may have with the user experience would be the ads and restrictions on specific content. But with a monthly membership payment, you can be free of those limitations.

Beyond digital platforms, there’s an increasing demand for personalized, face-to-face tutoring to bridge the learning gaps that some children might have. If you’re in the Dallas area and are searching for some supplementary assistance for your child, consider seeking out math help in Dallas. Local tutors in the region have specialized programs that can offer a more tailored learning experience, ensuring that every child gets the help they need to grasp complex math concepts.
Pairing both online resources like Math Playground with one-on-one tutoring can create a comprehensive learning environment for your child.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best websites for learning different subjects, including math, for children between the 3rd and 12th grades. This platform teaches advanced math concepts with video lessons and detailed explainer programs. Knowing that kids learn, retain, and recall visual information faster than written one, you can understand the site’s appeal to students.

Upon registration and login, your child can take a math test to determine their math skills and understanding level. The appropriate video topics suggested by the site can improve kids’ weak points. Thanks to the videos, Khan Academy students can look forward to learning Recreational Math, Calculus, etc.

This learning platform also prepares your child for SAT and ACTs. It helps your growing child build confidence in their math skills, making them more likely to solve math problems without external influence or help. Your child can even earn badges as they complete challenges on the site, which spurs them to spend more time studying.

Math Pickle

Parents who prefer to be involved in their children’s learning can try Math Pickle. The site has video lessons, like many others, but it also incorporates a discussion board for communication between users. You can also teach your child to do mini-lessons or play math games on the site together.

You can learn to play the symmetrical sudoku game and other math puzzles with your child on Math Pickle. The videos teaching the multiplication table are detailed and easy to follow. And there are even links to Ted-Ed math videos where teachers can learn a thing or two.

Math Pickle is recommended for children from kindergarten to the 12th grade. You can choose the appropriate grade for your child and see the topics for that level on the site. And within the topics, you will get a list of activities and extra documents like PowerPoint presentations.

Math Learning Center

If you don’t mind a free math website with a user experience that is a bit restrictive for kids, try Math Learning Center. This platform has countless resources for Pre-K to 5th grade students. The curriculums prioritize consistently developing the average child’s math skills through practice.

Math Learning Center is a resource bank for parents and teachers looking to improve the quality of education they provide to their kids. You can access downloadable workbooks in English or Spanish on the site. Students benefit from solving math problems in the worksheets, and their printable nature means your child can afford to make mistakes at almost no added cost to you.

The platform’s Bridges in Mathematics curriculum uses insights from research to improve children’s skill-building and problem-solving. Teachers and parents can join worldwide events on the site to learn more effective teaching strategies and discover new tools for pedagogy.


With this review, choosing an online math site for your child or student shouldn’t be stressful. The websites in this article have commendable approaches and resources to learning and tutoring. Some are free; others have trial periods subscription plans. But irrespective of which you choose, rest assured of the best online math education.