5 Popular Web Design Trends in 2022 (And How They Can Help Elevate Your Business!)


If you’re looking to make your mark and gain notoriety in your industry, having a high quality brand can help! Staying on-trend conveys to potential customers and collaborators that you are up-to-date on the latest innovations. Show that you’re always pushing boundaries and making advancements in your industry with your web design.

There are thousands of different possibilities where design is concerned, and it could take a while to sift through the options and land on ones that feel like a good fit for you and your company. Having inspiration helps! Let’s take a look at five of the top design trends making a splash this year as well as how they benefit your business.

Use of Memphis Design

What is Memphis design? It’s an iconic design trend that many describe as a bold mix of art deco and postmodernism to create a striking composition. Memphis design originally rose to the height of its popularity in the 1980s, but it’s currently coming back in a big way–including in web design. Eye-catching arrangements of bright colors and abstract shapes are a hallmark of this resurfacing trend.

How it can help:

Memphis design is unique, easily recognizable, and most importantly, memorable. Utilizing this type of theme in your web design can help you stand out in a bold way while still achieving a modern, on-trend look.

Typography as Hero Sections

Hero sections are large segments of your website that often take up the entire visible field of the page at one time. These sections give your clients a first impression and are great for displaying important information, showing off stellar visuals, or giving the viewer a call to action that’s too great to ignore. Incorporating typography in your hero sections can present your message in a way that’s visually appealing and compelling to your audience. This isn’t a new concept per se, but one that’s quickly becoming a top design element to look out for in cutting-edge web design.

How it can help:

Hero sections are about more than just catching the eye. Employing bold typography in your hero sections makes readers stop their scrolling, pay attention, and absorb your message, embodying form and function.

Visible Borders

Visible borders are making a comeback in 2022 after the minimalist wave of the 2010’s! This trend is another rehashing of a design element from years past, but it’s incorporated in a modern way that marries the best of both the past and the present. They add structure to the page and add to the sense of functionality without sacrificing the aesthetic of your brand. Incorporate visible borders around sections, headers, and images to make the most of this design trend.

How it can help:

Visible borders can lead the viewer’s eye across the page and entice them to explore your website, as well as give the page a more complete, organized feel. Customize the border to feel more authentic to your brand by choosing between a thicker or thinner line weight for your borders.

Website Interactions

Including interactives in your web design is a great way to make a lasting impression on first-time visitors to your site and keep them coming back time and time again. Creating more opportunities for your potential clients to interact with your website makes them feel more invested in your story and helps them buy into your ideas. Impactful interactions will leave them ready to learn more and open to take the next step in your client process.

Interactions can be included on a micro or macro scale, and mixing different size interactions throughout your site in a tasteful and manageable way can entertain your audience without taking away from your intended message and purpose.

How it can help:

Getting them involved creates the feeling of a cooperative relationship faster and they can imagine themselves as a client long before their first consultation call with you. Get them engaged and excited early to get them interested in your offerings.

Mouse Cursor and Scroll Effects

If you spent time back in the day searching for the latest effects to add to your MySpace page, you’ll be a big fan of this trend. Custom mouse cursors are coming back on the scene as a must-have for your website. Also gaining in popularity is scroll effects–examples include horizontal scrolling, zoom scrolling, and parallax scrolling. Whatever scroll effect you choose should be an asset to the story you’re trying to tell with your web design.

How it can help:

Adding unexpected features like a customized mouse cursor and interesting scroll effects further cement your brand strategy as a complete experience. Taking time to develop and pay attention to the smaller elements showcases your eye for detail, which further solidifies your stance as a precise, focused brand.

Incorporating any combination of these elements into your web design will draw your potential customers in Need help getting started? You can always turn to a web agency! Get help from the experts so you don’t have to do any of the guesswork to get an impactful result.