The Difference Between An AWS Consultant And An Engineer


The AWS consultant provides technical expertise and professional consultation services to client firms for the complete duration of a cloud computing project. The ideal candidate will tap an extensive portfolio of AWS services skills to mold the cloud architecture of the client.  

The AWS Consultant Or Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Experts emphasized the importance of AWS consulting and maintained that the roles and responsibilities of the AWS consultant dominate four greenfield domains.

– The Amazon Web Services infrastructure is developed using EC2, RDS, and EMR, among other technologies.

– Organization of customer workshops that help clients map their journey to the AWS cloud computing network.

– The emphasis is on the design, documentation, and implementation of Cloud architecture and DevOps strategies.

– Professional guidance is required to design a stable and resilient AWS architecture.

Skillsets And Experience Of The AWS Consultant

AWS core services: Cloud Computing and Networking, CDN Storage, Purpose-built Databases, Application Services running on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) and AWS Fargate, and Software Deployment.

– It is necessary to have good knowledge of Linux Systems Administration and Engineering.

– Security features best practices in AWS.
AWS networking: DNS and load balancing, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and AWS Direct Connect.

– Familiarity helps with the Microsoft PowerShell scripting experience.

– And at least five years of experience in the IT field in different capacities.

Reputed AWS Consulting Companies are active in collaborating, contributing, and keeping clients focused on short-term and long-term goals in tandem with AWS. Expert consultants have a steep learning curve with the ever-growing AWS cloud technology, and frequent engagement with clients is the norm.

The AWS Cloud Support Engineer

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform offers a bouquet of applications and services covering infrastructure and data storage to Blockchain and IoT.

It’s the job of the AWS cloud support engineer to keep applications running, debug problems, build-maintain-test AWS projects, and work closely with AWS and client developers to support the product.

The support engineer is the chief troubleshooter for the client, working day and night shifts. The engineer has problems to resolve and new products to learn and support.

AWS cloud support engineers perform automated tests, create new applications, and simulate problems that the customers might face to strengthen security protocols.

Skillsets And Experience Of The AWS Cloud Support Engineer

The varied roles of the Cloud support engineer cover five broad areas of expertise – cloud architect, cloud software engineer, cloud security engineer, cloud systems engineer, and cloud network engineer.
Proficiency in different roles requires specific skills rather than technology.

Linux: What is required is a detailed understanding of the architecture, maintenance, and administration of Linux servers.

Database skills:  You will need Cloud database management skills with intimate knowledge of MySQL and Hadoop.

Programming: Proficiency in languages such as SQL, Java, Python, Ruby, Golang, PHP, and. NET.
Networking: The functioning and general management of virtual networks.

DevOps: The Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps is one of the most popular frameworks for cloud engineering and is a sought-after skill.

Containerization: Knowledge of containerization tools and understanding Docker and Kubernetes is critical.

AWS Consultant Vs. Engineer: Which Is Best For You?

Other than the qualifications and expertise that AWS consultants or Engineers bring to the table, it’s the strategic vision or technical excellence being offered which helps you decide the question – who’s better for your company?  

How They Work With Others

The AWS Consultant spends much time communicating, coordinating, and collaborating with different teams and specialists to ensure everyone is on the same page. Priority areas for the consultant are regular updates,  sharing concerns,  monitoring project timelines, tracking progress, clocking deadlines, minimizing costs, and achieving milestones.

The engineer would be operating the battle stations spending time with the DevOps team, coordinating project execution, and troubleshooting problems. Quality time would go into debugging codes, conducting technical discussions, monitoring team goals, and improving workflows.

How They Approach Their Work

The AWS consultant shares insights from the business perspective, noting tech trends and best practices, setting ambitious business goals, and giving more clarity to marketing and monetizing business processes.

The engineer dives into technical specifications, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the project and analyzing the pros and cons of every decision and strategy for easier decision making. The engineer builds the groundwork necessary for policy implementation.

How They Look At Software

The AWS consultant is more invested in the security, scalability, maintainability, ease of use, and performance of the software. Consultancy looks into the software’s suitability for meeting the company’s current requirements and future needs.

The engineer sees the software from the operations side, writing reliable, functional code. The engineer’s core concern is to develop functional, readable, and bug-free software.


An AWS software consultant is at the front, advising you on strategy, design, building, and the use of software for problem resolution. The ultimate goal of the consultant is to ensure the client leverages the AWS ecosystem in the best way to grow business.

The engineer handholds you through cloud migration without losing focus on the software and is ready to troubleshoot company operations. The engineer is perenially onsite, an integral part of the development team, supporting and maintaining IT systems.

The skills, experience, and project portfolio of the AWS consultant or engineer will help you decide who shares your vision and supports your project in the best way.