Why Your Small Business Needs SEO: 7 Ways to Improve Your Google Rankings Fast


Are you a small business owner who wants to grow your business? Then you’ve probably been wondering how you can compete with bigger brands in your industry and appear more on search results on platforms such as Google. It’s pretty easy! Keep reading and find out why your business needs SEO and how to rank higher on Google.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO involves improving your website’s traffic quantity and quality from search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. This is achieved by raising the rank of your website in the search results. The goal is to appear ahead of your competitors, making customers more likely to purchase your product or use your service.

Additionally, it is essential to appear on the search results of different platforms, such as images, Google Maps, videos, organic, featured snippets, etc. This ensures maximum visibility for your website.

When your business is just starting, it probably lacks a dedicated SEO team that can track how the search results develop.

However, remember that you are not only competing against big brands in your industry but also against other small businesses, publishers, bloggers, and other sources of information on the search engine.

Even though you might not have the budget of bigger brands and other informational sources, your business can reap many benefits from Search Engine Optimization.

Why is SEO Important for Your Business?

Do you want to know what SEO can do for your business? Here are some of the benefits:

SEO can help build customer trust – when your website is optimized, it delivers precisely what the customer wants. This develops a trusting relationship between your business and the customer.

SEO increases visibility, attracting more customers for your business – the better your rank website is, the more you appear in a customer’s search results, and the more interested they grow in your business.

SEO helps to differentiate between organic and paid searches – customers will be able to tell the difference between paid searches (recognized as ads) and what they looked up themselves.

SEO increases click share – it increases the number of clicks your website gets.

To reap these benefits, follow the steps below to improve your business’s ranking in search engines quickly.

Understand the Problem your Business Solves for its Customers

The first step is understanding what your customers search for when seeking your services. This will keep your business from wasting money optimizing its website to target the wrong group of people. It also ensures that you deliver the right message to your customers.

To improve your rank on google and other search engines, you will need to understand who your target clientele is and the problem you solve for them.

You can start by considering the situation in which the client seeks your product, meaning when and how they decide they need your service.

Is it a home PC or office computer? Is the need for your product or service driven by personal desires, e.g., good food or disruptive events?

Such questions will help you understand why customers need to use your product. You can then understand the exact problem your business solves.

The answers you get will be essential when looking for google ranking keywords and creating content for your website.

Fix any Technical Issues in your Business’s SEO

Your website might have the best graphics, fonts, and colors, but technical issues in its SEO can bring down its traffic and ranking on google. Therefore, it is important to optimize the foundation before creating content for your website.

Your website should have a proper structure since search engines will index the web pages to analyze and determine whether it meets your client’s needs.

Technical SEO issues you must solve include duplicate content, speed, canonical links, and broken links. You will need to improve your website’s speed, enhance content stability, and make your site more interactive to give your website a ranking booster.
Optimizing Web Pages

This goes deeper than just strategically placing target keywords on the pages. Website ranking is based on the best-optimized pages, meaning the entire content should be appropriately structured and high-quality. It should also be written in a natural language and tone that integrates well with the keywords.

This means that the target keywords should appear naturally on the website to avoid appearing spammy. You can improve your rank on google by optimizing the subheadings, title tags, videos, images, meta description, internal links, and body content of your pages.

Optimizing Your GBP

Your Google Business Platform should be easy to update, free, and impactful. It should provide your potential clients with all the necessary information, including your contact information, location, and instructions for online orders.

You can optimize your business’s Google listing by claiming and verifying the business. Ensure to fill out all the fields and provide videos and photos to strengthen your listing. Also, be sure to select the correct category for your small business.

You can also create Q&As in your listing to advance your profile. Additionally, keep track of your profile to answer any questions asked by potential clients. Be proactively involved in improving your ranking on google.

Know What the Competition is Doing

Don’t just concentrate on the local competition; understand what other brands in your industry are doing online and do it better. Pay close attention to the top 10 websites that appear on Google search results when you search your target keywords.

Analyze these websites and find out what they are ranked for, the number of pages they have indexed, the structure of the websites, backlink profile quality, and any long-tail keywords you can adapt to your website. You can also find out the website speed using a website ranker to determine what to aim for.

Incorporate the Schema Markup

The Schema Markup is used to help search engines rank a website by helping them better understand different webpages’ components. This includes the business names, addresses, contact information, ratings, business hours, the currencies your business accepts, the area it serves, and the number of staff and employees.

Incorporating the Schema Markup using will help improve your website rank and visibility.

Focus on Reviews

The first thing customers do before purchasing a product or requesting a service is checking the business’s reviews. Additionally, reviews are among the leading searches on the internet in 2022.

Your business can improve conversions by getting feedback and good reviews from clients. You can manage and organize a review campaign to speed up the process or simply ask your customers to leave a review on major review platforms such as Google.

Also, respond to questions to improve your ranking in search engines.

Bottom Line

Search Engine Optimization for business websites is crucial in improving their Google rankings and ensuring visibility to clients. It is a key factor determining a business’ growth in the modern market where clients rely on online information to get products and services.

SEO services like seobase provide business owners with powerful SEO tools to optimize their website’s foundation for search engines. Visit them today to improve your Google ranking fast to stay ahead of your competitors.