4 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Website Fun and Popular


Having an e-commerce business website can boost a company in numerous ways. That explains the increase and growth in recent years. Creating an e-Commerce website might seem like a walk in the park; however, many factors must be put into consideration for it to succeed.

One important factor that must be considered is interactivity. Remember that your website design is responsible for the first impression, so it must be informative, engaging, and most importantly, distinct enough that your web visitors will want to stay on your site and see your offerings. 
Also, websites are no longer stagnant pages of content; they are collaborative tools that help visitors find what they are looking for and make well-informed decisions.

That said, here are some important elements for an interactive E-commerce website.

User-generated reviews

At least 92% of shoppers read product reviews before making a purchase, and 87 percent of them will not buy from a business with less than 4 stars. And while many people think that having negative product reviews on a website is a bad thing, the contrary is true. Products with many positive reviews and no negative ones show that they are censored, and shoppers will end up assuming the positive reviews are bogus.

Therefore, do not overlook the feedback you get from your users, both negative and positive. Display them on your website because it will inspire your customers to buy from you. Also, based on the functionality of your website, you can use plugins from review platforms, or more so, use reviews as user-generated content to build credibility among your customers.

High-resolution video and photos

People no longer post one photo with some bullet points and a price tag beside it. Online shoppers want to have a view of the photo from different angles and in various settings. Shoppers also want pictures that can be zoomed in. 

Therefore, have technical deliberations when it comes to the images you want to post on your website. Keep in mind that images that have a longer loading speed can affect your business as you will experience a consumer drop-off rate that is almost forty percent.

Giveaways and contest

Giveaways and online contests are one of the common ways to engage web visitors these days. A well-organized and promoted giveaway or contest can help increase your brand visibility and awareness, boost sales, generate new leads, and increase engagement and user-generated content.

Giveaways are when you get entries through a chosen criteria, for instance, email addresses or names, and pick a random winner. However, for contests, shoppers must take certain steps, and you will pick a winner based on the rules of the game. 

Use these tips for choosing a web development company to help you add gamification tools that will allow your web visitors to take part in the contests and get discounts or special deals.

Increased security

On any e-commerce website, users have to provide their personal information; for instance, mobile numbers, names, bank accounts, and more to complete a purchase. 

Therefore, you must make sure that this information is safe. Customers will be happy to know their data is safe and this will help you build a good relationship with them. So, consider using a website that has a locked pocket to encode your customers’ personal information stored on your website.


There are many other ways to make your E-commerce website interactive. This is a great chance to increase traffic to your website while at the same time giving your customers a better experience on your site. The above tips can help you get started with your journey to increase your website’s interactivity.