8 Signs You’re Ready To Relocate Abroad


If you’re thinking about relocating abroad, you’ve probably been holding off the option for various reasons; relocating is not exactly cheap, you’ll be leaving everything you know behind, the cost of living will differ, and you might be anxious about so many other valid reasons as well.

Even so, relocating also offers tons of invaluable benefits. For some, a better quality of life becomes possible, while for others, a safer environment or more employment opportunities might be waiting on the other side.

If you can’t shake the feeling that a better life is waiting for you in a foreign country, we’ve listed eight definite signs that you’re ready to relocate abroad and start a new life.

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You Have Enough Money Saved For The Life Change

You’ll need to afford a plane ticket, a deposit on housing, and have enough money saved up to afford all the other costs of relocation.

Calculate the costs of relocation. These costs will vary depending on where you are headed, what you’ll be bringing with you, and how you will be traveling. If you can comfortably afford these costs, you’re ready to start over abroad.

You Have The Right Insurance Policies

There’s a whole category of insurance policies for expatriates and travelers. These policies include international health insurance, travel insurance, and flight cancellation insurance. Moreover, you can also consider movers insurance if you plan to relocate with your household contents.

You Have Researched Your Destination

It’s pretty important to research the destination thoroughly before moving. If you neglect this, you won’t really know what to expect when you arrive in your new home country.

Research everything from the cost of living, the job market, and the local culture and customs to the country’s safety rating and economic stability.

You Have Employment Opportunities Waiting For You

It’s not wise to relocate on the assumption that you will find work after arriving. Even if the job market is stable in your new home country, you’ll need time to settle in and find a job, and this can be undeniably stressful. Instead, secure employment before leaving.

You’re Home Countries Economy Is Falling Apart

We’re all a little patriotic at heart, and this overlooked factor often instills a bit of guilt when it comes to relocating; it’s hard to leave your home behind.

Nevertheless, if your country’s economy is falling apart, it’s best to prioritize your future and that of your children if you’re a parent. If you decide to stay for a front-row seat to total economic collapse, you’ll find it more challenging to relocate at that point.

Some of the signs to look for in a collapsing economy include dramatic increases in food and fuel prices, hefty inflation, and widespread concern about resource depletion.

It’s Not Safe In Your Country

Unfortunately, some countries are substantially more dangerous to live in than others. While Canada is rated as the second safest country in the world, third-world nations like South Africa and other African countries rank as some of the most dangerous.

Relocating to a safer environment is a wise decision, even if you don’t have a family to worry about.

You Need Better Healthcare

As with safety, healthcare quality is not standing around the world. While some countries have incredible healthcare quality, others are downright frightening. For example, several hospitals in South Africa have shockingly high fatality rates for negligence. In these ghastly hospitals, patients often die during routine procedures due to negligence and are compared to abattoirs as a result.

On the other hand, countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada boast superior healthcare systems.

Having access to better healthcare can be life-changing, even if you don’t suffer from a chronic condition. So, it’s worthwhile to relocate on account of the lack of healthcare systems in your home country.

You Want A Better Future For Your Children

Lastly, if you’re a parent and you often find yourself worrying about the kind of future your children might have if you stay in your home country, it’s time to start planning a relocation abroad.

If the country you live in won’t be able to provide your children with a high level of education, a stable job market, and a stable economy, they won’t have a great quality of life as young adults.

Most expatriate families relocate for this particular reason; it’s worthwhile to set down roots abroad if you know your children can grow up in a safe and secure environment with access to quality healthcare, renowned education, and other essentials.

There are tons of reasons to relocate abroad. But regardless, if you can’t shake the feeling that a better life is waiting for you somewhere else, it’s probably best to listen to your ambition and start planning the move.