Why You Should Hire Live Music for Your Next Event


So, you’re planning an event – you’ve got the guest list sorted, the location picked, the food ready, and now you’re trying to decide on the entertainment.

Keeping your guests entertained is one of the most crucial elements of your big event; if people are bored or unhappy, they’re not going to engage with you or what you’re doing (or saying).
Having the right music playing will help set the tone, the mood, and the atmosphere – in short, it will help to provide support to tie everything together.

Did you know that listening to music affects the brain? Researchers have found that listening to music can reduce anxiety and improve mood and mental alertness – so if you’re looking to put on a special event and make people happy – music is a factor that will work towards your goal!

Some people might choose to go for a DJ; others might settle for plugging an iPod into the speakers and call it a day – and this is okay for some, but when it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like the sound and energy that comes with live music. The right musical choice can elevate an event from good to great and keep people talking about it for ages to come!

Live entertainment can create a fantastic atmosphere – it can be interactive; as the crowd reacts to the music, so can the musicians tailor their style and set on the fly to get that party pumping! The lead vocalist might choose to address the crowd directly, drawing focus to people having fun, encouraging others to get involved, or bringing in an element of personalization that you just can’t get with a pre-recorded playlist.

Not to mention, if the event calls for it, the stage and band can be used to provide sound effects (“drumroll please!”) and a central focus for announcements, fun interactions, and games, or getting individuals’ attention (“Would the owner of the ’95 Civic please come to the front desk”).

Different types of music can create different moods – and a live band can take this personalization to the next level; does the audience look bored? Are they ready to dance? Do they want something on in the background? The right live band will know what to look for and adjust their set appropriately.

Having live music and a place where people can let their hair down and dance can be a great interactive experience for people of all ages – from young children to the elderly, there’s a huge range of individuals who can (and do) enjoy getting up on the dancefloor, and letting themselves go!

Depending on the size, style, and reason for your event, the right band can provide an unforgettable experience or a certain element of seriousness to the occasion. There’s a reason why background music exists – and a band doesn’t always have to be the main focus of what you’re doing; it can provide an enriching element to the event – as well as be a major draw for the band when it’s time for their main performance.

If your event has a lot of individual aspects to it, providing musical interludes with a live band can help to break up the day and keep people focused and fresh.

If you’re hopping from one heavy moment to the next, with no time to stop and collect, your audience (regardless of being friends, family, or in a corporate setting) is going to be worn out. This stops them from paying attention to the things that matter.

Having a band break can give your guests time to stop, get refreshments, let their hair down, or just chill out.

Getting your live band hire right is essential, and you want to look for a service that offers the right style of musician to fit both your budget and your occasion.

When you’re planning the musical accompaniment for your event, you should consider:

· What is the event for/about?
· What size is the venue?
· How many people will be attending?
· What sort of music is appropriate?

There are so many different types of music, from rock and pop to classic, electronic, and hip-hop, but thankfully there are different types of musicians to cover every genre and ones that are suitable for every occasion.

Make your event an EVENT, one that people will remember fondly, and talk about for months and years to come. Give it a musical element that fits the size and style, and bring in a live band that can work with you to make it special!