3 Best CAD Softwares for MacOS of 2022


The range of CAD and 3D programs for the Mac is quite extensive, even if many are only available in English. In addition to expensive professional solutions, there are also a number of free programs and inexpensive shareware solutions. Macwelt.de provides an overview of the most important programs.

Softwares such as Cinema 4D, Motion and Maya are probably the best-known 3D programs that can be used on the Mac platform. But there are a number of entry-level solutions, and the platform also has more to offer in the CAD area than many people think. In the meantime, most programs are already compatible with Catalina.

Cinema 4d

Maxon’s Cinema 4D is probably the best-known 3D software for Mac, which is primarily aimed at professionals. The program is used by architects, engineers and in the film sector, and some graphic designers also use it. The program, which is available for Windows and Mac, is also often used for performance measurements and the annual license starts from 599 Euro.


Sketchup has a Free and also a Pro version starting at 274 euros and a free web version to discover 3D modeling. However, the Pro version offers additional functions such as line styles, terrain modeling and, last but not least, interfaces for data exchange such as AutoCAD or 3DS. The software is particularly suitable for architectural designs, for example it offers a look that is based on pencil designs. The current 2020 version is compatible with Catalina. There is also a free 30 days trial version for Sketchup Pro if you want to test out all the features.


The Blender solution can be used free of charge and offers the complete range of functions for modeling, texturing, animating and rendering 3D bodies. The open source solution is considered to be quite difficult to use, but has an active user community and German-speaking forums. It is also often used in the film sector.

We hope the CAD software tools above will help you create beautiful designs with accuracy and ease so you can get them approved faster. It can help you move the designs to the production stage and shorten the product life cycle to speed up the product delivery with quality.