What Is Order Cloud?


Doing business in real life requires a developed infrastructure with its own premises, communication systems, and various services. When you move your business to e-commerce, you need advanced cloud services that allow you to perform all the necessary functions quickly and efficiently. This solution for organizing business in the digital space is called order cloud.

What Are the Possibilities of an Order Cloud?

Order Cloud effectively organizes your market space in a digital environment:

  • Systematizes product catalogs offered to visitors
  • Organizes a quick and convenient search in the catalog
  • Segments users and offers personalized promotions
  • Allows you to place orders using various means of payment
  • Has connections with suppliers and signals in time about the need to replenish any type of product
  • Makes the necessary mailings to your consumers and partners
  • And performs many other useful functions

In fact, the order cloud implements all the logistics of the sales process. The ideal integration of various functions allows you not to experience delays in any of the sections of this process:

  • Product selection
  • Payment of orders
  • Delivery
  • Return if necessary
  • Replenishment of the commodity fund

Organize Your Business Space with G-Core Labs

Any cloud services will be brought to perfection if G-Core Labs undertakes them. Providing a wide range of services in the field of E-commerce, the company will select a personalized solution for the needs of your business:

  • Private and hybrid clouds
  • Data storage
  • CDN and cloud service

Any of your ideas will be embodied accurately and professionally in the digital environment thanks to the rich experience of G-Core Labs and the availability of its own web infrastructure covering the whole world. 

You can choose standard, but highly effective solutions and save on costs, or you can order a unique cloud project customized to your needs and customer requests. Any order cloud services will function as simply and efficiently as possible.