Brand Design Trends for 2022


Today, it’s not enough to have a unique design. You also need to update your branding with the latest branding trends to remain “in” with other top businesses. Plus, you must ensure your new design still gives off the message your company wants to convey.

Are you ready to boost and update your business visual elements? Consider reading our guide below before redesigning your brand. We’ve outlined the top trends in brand design for 2022.

Eco-Friendly Branding Without the “Eco” Look

Creating a memorable brand design is a challenge when keeping the “environmental” look on your products. After all, following the traditional eco-friendly look can limit your options. You’d be stuck with green and brown palettes, nature imagery, and expensive, eco-friendly packaging.

The good news is you don’t need to stick to this impractical and limiting style. Gone are the days of companies using traditional eco-friendly packaging. Now, it’s all about branching into your unique style without losing your pro-environment values.

Go Retro With Throwbacks

More companies now understand the power of nostalgia. A single scent, texture, or visual element can bring a person back to their happier days. A subtle feeling of nostalgia is enough to push people to buy a product they haven’t had in years.

This year, companies are integrating retrospective designs into their branding. Some are throwing back to the 1970s hippie movement and beyond. Others are reusing styles from the late 1990s to the 2000s.

Consider using the same “retro-progressive” techniques during your redesign. Pick a period or era that best matches your brand, products, and customers. It can be as simple as changing how you use colors or font types on your labels.

Create a Unique Yet Memorable Mascot

Mascots can boost profits and emotional connection to customers by 41%. Getting one might help you reach your audience better and faster, too. Plus, you’ll get a character who can add more character to your campaigns.

Go wild with your mascot ideas, and then choose one that represents your business the best. The mascot doesn’t need to be an animal or person. It can simply be a face or bust, like Pringles’ Mr. P. or KFC’s Colonel Sanders.

Companies in the following industries do well with a mascot:

– Food
– Tech
– Digital marketing
– Financial Services
– Health

Do all businesses need a mascot? No, certain companies shouldn’t get a mascot or can do without one, and that’s okay.

Minimalism Is Still In

Have you always wanted to try using minimalist branding design ideas? Now is your chance to go for it!
Minimalism is a great style to help you and your customers remain focused on what’s important. Simple and minimalist visuals are also more eye-catching and tend to take up the viewer’s interests more.

As a tip, always choose an expert designer when restyling your labels, logo, and other visual elements. Sometimes, minimalist looks can seem basic, uncreative, and boring. An expert can successfully restyle your logo to make it simpler yet modern and sophisticated.

Add Color to Your Graphics with Gradients

Another big trend is gradients, whether in photo overlays or actual products. Their beautiful yet straightforward color effects are behind the color gradient’s growing popularity. For this reason, gradient colors are also a good match for minimalist designs.

You can get these effects with a radial, linear, or straightforward gradient. You can also add timelessness to the product by using triangular gradients. As a rule, use a maximum of three colors on gradients to avoid overdoing them.

Tips for Creating Strong Branding

Finally, don’t be content with changing your visuals and marketing. Take the time to assess how strong or weak your identity is now and then. Your style should be clear, original, and memorable to be strong.

Stay Consistent and Cohesive

You should have a strong mission and vision, as well. When rebranding, check these elements once more and evaluate their coherence. The better you can clearly understand your business’s purpose, the easier it’ll be to improve your business design.

Research Your Competitors

When you’re fresh out of ideas, don’t fret. Use the time to take a break from brainstorming. Check out your competition instead and study their designs.

How do they share their message, story, and goals? How well do they use certain colors, and how deeply do they weave into their visual aspects? Ask questions like these and observe to find the answers.
Be patient with watching and researching various business branding ideas first. Observe and learn how your competitors wield their strengths. Take note also of how they manage their weaknesses.


In 2022, companies are dropping the “eco-friendly look” and rebranding with nostalgia-related designs. Some are creating mascots, while other businesses turn to minimalist styles and gradients.
No matter how you redesign, always look back to your mission and vision. Stay consistent and learn from your competitors’ mistakes.