The Dos and Don’ts of Homepage Design


Your website homepage is like your shop window in e-commerce. It creates the first impression to visitors ad will determine if they stay on-site or leave. Investing in the right design can improve your sales by generating leads and converting them to revenue.

An appealing and user-friendly homepage will influence your website visitors to engage with the content. On the contrary, a cluttered site will be unappealing. A potential customer will likely leave the platform and go to a competitor’s. Therefore, it is beneficial to use a professional white label web development service to get ahead of the game with an efficient website for e-commerce.

The Do’s

Although many parties get it wrong with their homepage design, making the page effective is not that difficult. On the contrary, you achieve your e-commerce objectives by doing the following things;

Make the Page Simple
Including numerous media on the homepage makes it unappealing. Make the page simple to get the best outcome. It can focus on one particular thing while other items can go elsewhere. The homepage should act as an entry to your store, and customers can find their way to everything else through it. It will not achieve its objective to convert visitors if you make it a destination.

Optimize it for Mobile View
Factor the screen sizes of online users’ devices to reach out to a broad scope of audience. Statistics show that more people use portable gadgets like smartphones for internet activities. So, it is best to optimize your homepage by making it mobile-friendly. The ideal design should adjust automatically depending on the screen a person is using.

Showcase Your Value
Customers want to know your business value if they will trust you. It would help to include the information on your homepage. You can showcase your company value by using high-quality images to display your products, have informative messages about the items, and show how the items are valuable to the customer. However, ensure you do not include too much information. It can appear as clutter which discourages the visitor from engaging further with your website.

Include a Call To Action
Your website becomes ineffective if you do not have a call to action. The tag should be in a strategic place where website visitors can see and take action as requested. It would help to make it strike out from other information on your homepage.

The Don’t

Apart from making your homepage design appealing and effective, it would be best to avoid some common mistakes in website development. Below are some things you should not do;

Overdoing with the Style
Being creative helps with website design, but it is damaging when you overdo it. The move may make it challenging for some people to understand the content or message you want to put across. As stated before, keep the homepage simple.

Hiding Links
It would help to make it easy for website visitors to find links. Do not hide them by using similar colours to other text. Still, avoid underlining particular words as they can appear as links.