Want to strike every coin & Win? Learn all carrom tricks and tips here


Are you fond of playing cards? Looking for carrom tricks and tips? If your response to these questions is Yes, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you about the best carrom tricks and tips, which you can use in your game to make the best out of it.

Carrom is a popular indoor game that is played by people of all age groups. You must have been thinking of using carrom tricks and tips. But now it is not necessary to have all the equipment in front of you as now you can play carrom online also. There are many gaming platforms such as carrom mania, Getmega and so on, where you get amazing gameplay and a chance to win exciting cash prizes.
Virtual games also need attention as you have to be active enough to observe your position in the game. It will involve challenges but you can endure them just by being focused. You can play virtual carrom online with anyone sitting anywhere in the world. It will help your cognitive skills, reduce focus and also help you in being focused.
Below, we have mentioned some of the carrom tricks and trips which you can use in one carrom.

The best Carrom tricks to strike every coin

– Distance of carrom board from player
Just before beginning the game, you have to check the distance between you and the carrom board so that you will be comfortable in striking. You must take this thing as a priority as it can ruin your chances of winning. You also have to consider that your position should not be the reason for your bad performance.

– Gameplay
The second thing you must consider in online carrom when you play in gaming platforms such as Getmega and carrom king is that your gameplay is comfortable for you or jot. As each platform has different gameplay, it is suggested that you should practice numerous tricks so that you will be proficient in beating your opponents. However, you must not use or learn new tricks just before the game, it will lead you to lose the game.

– Practice makes the trick perfect
It is always said you should practice more to excel sometimes. The same goes with carrom tricks. The more you practice, the more is the chance of winning. If you even try difficult things, then you are one step ahead to becoming a pro player. You should play more and more games so that you will be comfortable in winning. If you are pocketing carrom men, you will get the chance to play again, but if you will not be able to pocket the carrom men, then your opponent will get a chance. Some trick shots you must learn, initially, it will be hard but it is a must. You can use scissors style to strike the prices. The index finger, middle finger, and thumb can also be used to strike the piece.

– Speed of striker
You must consider the speed of the striker especially in the physical mode, your position, your force affects the speed of your striker. But virtually also, the pieces will be not pocketed if you use more pressure in striking as well as low pressure in striking. Thus, you need to use the right speed and try to position your striker according to the pieces.

– Queen
The Queen is a matter of importance. The queen has different colors than pieces and it has more points than other pieces or carrom men. If you are unable to pocket the queen, then you have to place the Queen at the center of the carrom board and if you got the queen, you will. Be the winner.
You must use the strategies to pocket the queen and apply some tricks so that your opponent will not be able to pocket the Queen. You have to put the queen in a place that will be difficult to target by your opponent and you should stay calm in every situation.

– Avoid fouls
Fouls must be avoided so that you can focus on the queen. Also, you should try your best not to pocket other players’ pieces, which will save your time as well as effect. Your whole focus must be on the queen and its position. This will be an essential step towards your win.

Now you have learned all the important carrom tricks, which you can do to beat your opponent as well as to win the exciting rewards. If you know the basic rules of the carrom, you can play till the end without any huge loss. Also, if you know some tricks as to how to shoot, then also you are ahead of many players. If you are playing virtually, then initially you can play according to instructions. After some time, you can play easily. For this, you can choose the Getmega gaming platform as it is designed for both beginners as well pro players. So, play virtually at home and have some amazing fun.