How Can a Tax Relief Attorney Help Me?


One of the most common questions people ask themselves is “how can I get relief from these taxes”?  If you are struggling with various tax matters, such as IRS liens, outstanding bills, or wage garnishments, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed as your tax issues continue to pile up.

It’s important to know that you aren’t alone in this situation. There are thousands upon thousands of other taxpayers that also deal with serious state and federal back taxes each year from missing deadlines and overdue returns to facing a tax levy on their property. If you are over your head in tax issues, here are some ways a tax relief attorney can help you.

How a Tax Relief Attorney can Help You

An IRS tax attorney specializes in dealing with a wide range of legal issues that are related to the tax code. Most tax attorneys have significant, in-depth knowledge of the tax codes for at least one state. It is the sole duty of the tax attorney to ensure you are following the law regarding your taxes, and they will help you avoid those notices for an IRS audit. Some of the benefits of hiring a tax relief attorney include:

– Counseling to Reduce Taxes
Even if you are ahead of the game and have already filed the current year’s taxes, it’s not uncommon for people to worry about their taxes for next year. Your tax relief attorney can help you with this situation by counseling and advising you on the various approaches and different ways you may be able to lower your future taxes and avoid potential tax liabilities while figuring out the most suitable approach for your individual case.

– Audit Representation
If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, in some situations you may be able to handle it on your own: however, if you are worried that an IRS audit may result in you dealing with more complex problems, such as tax fraud, your tax attorney will be able to provide you with experienced representation for your audit. Dealing with IRS notices, interviews and other procedures can be extremely overwhelming. A tax attorney can help determine if a mistake was made with your taxes, including a mistake that you really didn’t make, and they will fight on your behalf.

– Negotiate Tax Settlements
Your tax attorney can help you negotiate the often complex resolutions, such as wage garnishment removal, tax levy, installment payments, penalty abatements, and lien releases. These types of problems can often be extremely challenging to negotiate without someone who is experienced to be by your side. They often require an in-depth understanding of the tax laws, so your attorney will be able to guide you through the process.

– Help Keep you Out of Jail
One of the most important things your tax attorney can do for you is to attempt to keep you from going to jail. Unfortunately, it’s common for taxpayers to not understand the penalties they may face for not filing their taxes until it’s too late. Not filing your taxes can result in serious jail time. You can’t go to jail for not paying your taxes, but you can be imprisoned for attempting to cheat on them.

If you have unknowingly committed tax fraud or a crime, your tax attorney can help you get back on track with counseling and advice on the tax filings or lack of filings that can get you into trouble.

– Installment Agreements
If you are unable to pay the entire balance owed for your taxes in a lump sum, an installment agreement is an ideal option. Your tax attorney can develop a feasible, easy-to-follow installment plan as well as make your case on your behalf to the IRS.

– File Delinquent Tax Returns
Filing all of your outstanding tax returns will allow you to bring your IRS account current; however, late filing can also result in substantial penalties and interest fees. Your tax attorney can help you file your delinquent returns, without destroying your bank account.

– Tax Levy and/or Tax Lien Release
When the IRS puts a claim on your accounts or your property by way of a tax levy, there isn’t any time to waste. Your tax attorney may be able to help you prove economic hardship, which may remove the tax levy, or they can assist you with creating an installment agreement. If the IRS places a tax lien on your property, selling your assets, such as your home or a vehicle may be impossible. Your tax attorney can work with the IRS to get a release on the lien on your property as well as find another way for you to repay your back taxes.

– Wage Garnishment Removal
If the IRS threatens to or begins collecting the debt you owe by taking a percentage of your paycheck, it’s essential that you act quickly. Your tax attorney can make a case for stopping the wage garnishment and assist you with developing another course of action with the IRS.

It’s important to note that your tax attorney doesn’t prepare your taxes. If you are looking for a professional to prepare your tax return, your lawyer will not be able to do them for you; however, they may employ an IRS enrolled agent that can help with your tax preparation. However, what your tax attorney can do is resolve the complex tax issues you may be dealing with, such as back taxes. Your tax attorney can also negotiate agreements with the IRS on your behalf, guide you through an audit and represent you in court should your back taxes lead to criminal charges.