8 Innovative Web Design Trends For 2022


The digital sphere shows something new every year, setting trends for the market and forcing developers to adapt to them. And 2022 will also be promising in this regard, as we will soon see.

Many experts say that the year of the Tiger promises to enter the digital channels in a varied and experimental way. Therefore, today we want to discover the most anticipated web design trends in order to put them into practice as soon as possible.

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8 Innovative Web Design Trends For 2022


Brutalism attracts as something new and paradoxical. This is one of the biggest web design trends of recent years that will continue in 2022. Brutalism is a forceful, rough, raw aesthetic that rejects perfection.

There are no soft contours, shadows, or distinctive visual flaws, and there is no motion, symmetry, or color compatibility.

Retro vibe

Remember how we feel when we look at old images, games, and other items. We get a nice nostalgic sensation. Designers enjoy playing with consumers’ emotions, thus they employ this technique while considering how to design UI for web applications.

Nostalgia in design may be induced by a variety of factors, including the use of noise, textures, vivid colors reminiscent of old video games, and typefaces inspired by the past. All of this can elicit emotions and so work to the client’s advantage.

Memphis design

One of the defining things of 80’s aesthetics, Memphis design is sometimes considered a flashy style that combines many chaotic patterns and shapes. At one time, it became a rejection of minimalism, offering bright juicy colors and unusual shapes.

Today, it will become salvation from a million monotonous minimalistic interfaces.

Hand-drawn graphics

When relying on graphic tech solutions, it’s very easy to miss the very sense of individuality that comes with imperfect works of art. This is why DIY graphics are expected to increase in 2022 to create user-friendly interfaces.

It can be scribbles, sloppy clippings, imitation of crayons and paint. The effect is to reduce the gap between online and offline, bringing the person back to real life.

Engaging animation

Since 2019, web designers have been trying to surprise users with different types of animation. And if earlier we observed animation in landing pages, banners and in transitions between pages, then in 2022 more and more designers will turn to large-scale animations.

Namely, in scrolling, clicking, swiping and dragging.

A great example is the LEQB site – it’s all about animation. This creates a new experience that makes site users feel like explorers actively clicking on the page to uncover its secrets.

Moving text

In 2022, web designers are developing the idea of ​​dynamics with moving text.

This is a fresh and unusual solution, unlike the common animation. These actions allow typography to take center stage on the site without overwhelming the reader with fancy animated stuff.

Visible borders

The tabular style in web design has recently gained power. Everything aspires to structure, block and clean lines.

A visible grid has the obvious advantage of being able to distinguish one section from another. This makes the page easier to browse, allowing more content to be displayed without making the page feel crowded.

The Biggest Trend – Authenticity

Unfortunately for designers, and much to the joy of consumers, websites have grown quite diversified, and in order to stand out, you must do something genuinely different. As a result, authenticity is a new trend that has emerged from a number of various aesthetic solutions.

Authenticity entails going above and above, and the odder the better. This is the capacity to blend conflicting elements in order to keep the user perplexed by what he sees. It is also concerned with meanings, concepts, and the presentation of information.

Whether it’s bringing back trends to forgotten times, delighting the user with animation, or offering hand-drawn doodles, this year’s web design trends aim to evoke an instant sense of wonder, no matter how out of the box the approach is.