Planning the Future with DEGOrender Studios


There are multiple reasons for dreaming about a journey to the future. And there are some professions for which such a journey is a necessity. When specialists intend to implement some kind of magnificent project, they urgently need to know what it will look like in reality. For example, they have a task to construct a new type of neighborhood, to build a modern office building that symbolizes something, to redevelop a house space, etc. Investing an enormous amount of time and money in some projects that will not harmonize the outer environment is just foolish. That is why one of the first steps they need to undertake is rendering or depicting their idea in 3d format.

DEGOrender Studios has successfully completed 3d rendering since 2012. Its experience allows it to highlight the advantages of 3D visualization for different kinds of professionals. Architects are one of the most important beneficiaries of the rendering since the “planning of the future” is their immediate task. So, what are the benefits of rendering for architects?

Among other functions, rendering performs а planning task. The depiction of the specific details and building materials used in the project allows customers to make rational shopping for the realization of their projects

Rendering performs the function of recognizing future errors. Architects and their clients can detect and correct possible mistakes before the project will be implemented 

Rendering fulfills the function of attracting clients and investors to future projects. 3d visualization is closer to reality than pictures, schemes or drawings, etc.

A team of dedicated CG artists and industry professionals from DEGOrender knows that rendering also fulfills the mystical function of the embodiment of an idea on all stages of its realization. The idea takes its first step to life when CG artists play with lights and shadows in order to achieve a harmonized model of future projects. The second step is corrections made by the clients to the intended projects together with specialists from DEGOrender. And the third one is when hundreds or thousands of people dream about the quickest realization of a visualized idea.

Let’s visualize our future together with DEGOrender!