6 Reasons to Build Your Webshop on WooCommerce Using Elementor


Ecommerce stores have been gaining popularity across the globe for a number of years now. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, consumers feel more comfortable than ever shopping for products and services through the web. Particularly now, following the pandemic, global ecommerce is booming, with sales jumping to an incredible $26.7 trillion in 2021.

Though ecommerce as a concept is gaining more popularity, there’s still endless space for new entrepreneurs to jump in and claim their piece of the market. All you really need is a well-designed ecommerce website, capable of delivering the engaging, convenient, and simple solution your target audience is looking for.

Today, we’re going to be looking at why you should be building your ecommerce future with WooCommerce and Elementor.

Why Use WooCommerce for your Webshop?

There’s no shortage of tools available on the web to help entrepreneurs in search of the easiest way to start selling online. However few solutions are more popular than WooCommerce. An ecommerce plugin built specifically for WordPress, WooCommerce powers more than 5.1 million websites today.
Part of what makes WooCommerce so compelling is its ability to bring selling capabilities into WordPress – the content management system responsible for around a third of the world’s websites.

However, there are other advantages to WooCommerce too. For instance:

· It’s free to use provided you pay for hosting
· You can easily customize your themes and build your brand image
· There are dozens of features for things like blogging, reviews, tags, and product ratings
· WooCommerce is easily extendible with apps and plugins
· It works perfectly with WordPress and the WordPress SEO tools
· You can rely on excellent security and privacy levels

6 Reasons to Use Elementor with WooCommerce

While there are plenty of great reasons to consider using WooCommerce for your web shop, the benefits grow even greater when you combine WooCommerce with Elementor. Elementor Pro is a constantly-updating solution for enhancing your ecommerce website and boosting user experience. The solution even recently updated to version 3.5, with more features to delight customers, like progress tracking and scroll snap functionality.

As the ultimate way to increase conversions and build trust in your brand, without the demand for numerous third-party plugins, Elementor ensures you can make the most of your WooCommerce investments.

The reasons to use Elementor with WooCommerce include:

1. No code customization: Elementor ensure you can customize every page of your WooCommerce store, without extensive coding knowledge. The intuitive drag-and-drop builder means you can implement new functions and branding elements, without spending a fortune on specialist support.

2. Improved conversions: With Elementor’s focus on excellent customer experience, you can rest assured you’ll have all the tools you need to boost conversions and generate customer trust. The features built into Elementor can help improve conversions by showing your customers social proof in the form of product ratings or allowing you to add extra information to product descriptions so you can highlight item benefits.

3. Reduced third party plugins: As valuable as integrations and add-ons can be for WooCommerce, they also weigh down the performance of your store, and could have an impact on your loading speeds. Fewer plugins mean a faster, more reliable website. With Elementor, you get everything you need from product stock checking to checkout tools and upselling features in one package.

4. Smoother design: Build the ultimate store step-by-step with checkout pages, “my account” pages for your subscription customers, and bespoke product pages. You can even build your own cart and menu-cart pages, or adjust the way your customers add items to their basket when they’re browsing through your store.

5. Increased sales: The features included with Elementor ensure you can boost sales as frequently as possible. There’s the option to display related content for your products on any page, with dynamic tags which change according to the customer journey. Upselling and cross-selling opportunities are available too, so you can generate as much revenue as possible from every sale.

6. Streamlined workflow: Elementor accelerates your design workflows so you spend less time build your site and more time developing an engaging shopping experience customers can’t resist. There are even full WooCommerce website kits for beginners, and a single-click page setup solution when you save templates for your store.

With so much functionality packed into one plugin, you can reduce the time you spend learning how to use WooCommerce tools and focus more of your effort on developing your ecommerce business. Elementor even offers a number of blogs, guides, and articles to teach you how to make the most of the various features you can leverage for your online store.

Build the Ultimate Store with Elementor and WooCommerce

WooCommerce is already one of the most popular and cost-effective tools for developing your own online store in today’s competitive market. When you add the flexible functionality of Elementor into the mix, with it’s wide selection of customizable capabilities, the opportunities evolve even further.

Elementor’s easy-to-use workflows and wide selection of features save today’s business owners unnecessary time, money, and effort when it comes to succeeding online.