VPN for Designers – Is there a Specific One? How to Choose the Best One


The Internet plays a significant role in the job role of web designers. To get things done, they connect their computer device to several websites, tools, and applications. No doubt, connectivity to the Internet enables them to perform their tasks with proficiency and finesse. But it also exposes their device to various risks or vulnerabilities. 

This is precisely where a web designer needs a virtual private network (VPN). Nowadays, one can either use a free VPN or a paid one. But being careful l is imperative, especially when it comes to choosing an option for professional purposes. 

A web designer needs a VPN that can secure their device and prevent the interception of data. It is of paramount importance as they deal with confidential business data of clients. Being safe than sorry is the best policy while handling such data.

If you are a web designer who is looking for the best VPN option for web designing tasks, you have come to the right place. This post will give you an insight into leading VPNs for web design tasks and illuminate the elements that you should consider to choose the best option.

Considerations for Choosing the Best VPN for Web Design

The world of VPNs is flooded with an overwhelming number of options. As a user, it is up to you to pick your option among free and paid versions of VPN services. 

For choosing the best VPN for web design, though, you need to focus more on the features that correspond to your professional needs. You can pick up the right option by paying attention to the following points:

– Support for operating systems and devices
– Security
– Usability
– Encryption technology
– Speed
– Accessibility

Best VPNs for Web Design

Just like several leading tools for graphic design, there are also many application tools for web design. As a web design professional, you might want to choose a VPN compatible with the tools you use. 

With that said, VPNs differ from one another in terms of the security they offer. Cyber-attacks constitute a major challenge for web design professionals. To ensure protection to both your data and device, you need a reliable VPN service.

Here are some options that you can consider.

– 1. Urban VPN
On average, any web design professional will happily take a VPN option that offers blazing VPN speeds and allows them to connect to 21 countries at will. Getting these features free of cost makes it even better. This is what Urban VPN brings to the table.

Urban VPN provides connectivity to 21 countries free of cost. It also provides unlimited bandwidth, data privacy, and security with DNS/IPv6 leak protection and encryption features. 

These characteristics add up to make it the best free VPN option for web designers by default.

– 2. NordVPN
Whether you are a newbie or a pro web design, NordVPN is the ideal choice for concluding web design assignments with dexterity. From streaming to a VPN browser extension, it exceeds users’ expectations with a long list of features.

With NordVPN, you can overcome geo-restrictions to connect to 60 countries. It provides excellent connectivity to these countries through its 5680 secure servers. 

However, something else explains why it is one of the most sought-after options for web designers among the existing VPN options. It has a no-logs policy, meaning that all your data will remain confidential. That is to say, no unauthorized entity will be able to access or steal them.

– 3. ExpressVPN
Most web designers consider ExpressVPN to be subservient to NordVPN due to its lesser number of servers. But what they overlook is that there is more to the features of a top VPN service than the number of servers it boasts. 

ExpressVPN has 3000 robust servers in 94 countries. With this powerful combination at your disposal, you can showcase the performance of UX design to your international clients with finesse.

Moreover, it comes with a live chat feature with which you can keep others posted with the latest updates on your work-related progress. You can also use it to provide technical support or assistance to your clients.

Does your job role involve streaming? If yes, ExpressVPN has the perfect solution to help you address this need.

With these features, it provides good value for money to its users. Overall, it strikes the right balance between its subscription charges and features.

– 4. SurfShark VPN
Are you looking for a cheap alternative to the existing VPN services that are pricey? If yes, you can put your money on SurfShark. While it is not as fast as the other leading VPN options, it does pack a wide range of valuable features. It comes across with a non-complicated interface that is simple and easy to use.

Other noteworthy features of this VPN include unlimited side-by-side connections, compatible extensions for browsers and mobile applications, and a kill switch. It blocks pesky ads and allows users to choose apps that they want to avoid the VPN.

Considering these features, you can safely conclude that SurfShark VPN is a handy option for tasks concerning web design. It ticks all the right boxes of needs without breaking the bank. As long as you are okay with the speed it connects to the Internet; you can rely on its decent performance for web design tasks.

Final Thoughts

To sum ups, just like non-tech users, web design professionals have many reasons to use a VPN. But they need to bear a few considerations in mind to make an informed choice. Try using one of the above options for your web design tasks and see how it works for you.