Dutch Football Giant PSV Partners With Anycoin Direct


Recently, there has been a lot of development in the sports world, and one of them is its activities towards cryptocurrency. The bitcoin robot Quantum Flash can assist you trade with the accuracy of a professional with years of experience. AI can be used to offer profitable signals that can last thousands of minutes in a second. Very soon, the whole sports industry might be getting into crypto space directly. A few months ago, Lionel Messi joined the football club, PSG and the player got huge numbers of PSG crypto tokens as an agreement payment with the club.

And now, another football team announced their partnership with a crypto broker and get paid in Bitcoin for their sponsored activities.

PSV Eindhoven is a leading Dutch football club that recently jumped on the crypto bandwagon, and also became the first club in European football to have its full sponsorship deal paid for with Bitcoin. The partnership was announced in a press release made on the official site of the club on August 19, 2021.

Francs Jansen, the commercial director at PSV commented on the club’s move as he mentioned that the future of cryptocurrency seems to be very promising, and as a club that values and always looking for a way to innovate, jumping on cryptocurrency seems to be a perfect move for them. Immediately the football club signed the deal with Anycoin Direct, news has it that Jansen immediately created Bitcoin wallets to facilitate the deal between the duos.

PSV Sets to Get Payments in Bitcoin

This move by the 24-times Dutch league winners marks the beginning of a new era for the club and also for the entire European football. Earlier this year, PSV worked with crypto technology to sell a non-fungible token (NFT) of its 1988 European Cup 1 final victory against Benfica. And in August, they decided to go even deeper by accepting payment for all sponsorship deals in Bitcoin.

According to the statement issued by the club regarding this, PSV decided to use the service of the Netherland-based crypto broker Anycoin Direct Uniquely. Though being a local crypto broker, Anycoin Direct has grown over the years to become one of the leading crypto platforms in Europe.

PSV signed a two years deal with the crypto platform. Jansen revealed that the partnership will not only be helping Anycoin get more feet and publicity in Europe but it will also help push crypto adoption mainstream – encouraging other football clubs to consider it too.

Jansen stated that this PSV’s new move will bring the club to the center of technology, hence helping to shape its future. Lennert Vlemming, the COO of Anycoin Direct also gave his opinion about this and said “payment in Bitcoin will mark the beginning of great things for cryptocurrency adoption in the EU.”

Bitcoin Payment Trending in Sports Community

As surprising as PSV’s move might look, they are not the first football club to be receiving payments in Bitcoin. There have been a handful of them in the sports community. Apart from the instance of Messi and PSG we sighted earlier at the beginning of this post, another English premier league team, Southampton FC is also making a remarkable move towards cryptocurrency adoption.

The club would be getting its end-of-the-season bonuses in Bitcoin. The move will also be a smooth one for the club as it already partnered with Sportsbet.io which would be making payment reception very easy.

San Jose Sharks NHL is also another sports team that will be accepting Bitcoin payments for transactions. According to an announcement made by the club’s president, Jonathan Becher, NHL’s San Jose Sharks would be receiving payments for its season tickets and suite leases in Bitcoin. The team will be partnering with Bitpay, a crypto payment gateway to make the move possible.

Other professional sports teams accepting Bitcoin and other crypto assets include Dallas Mavericks, Oakland Athletics, Sacramento Kings, and many more. So it is probably right to say that very soon, the sports industry might be getting into crypto space directly.