The Best Note Taking Software


The best note-taking software can help users take notes automatically while on the go. The note-taking results from the software are often more trustworthy than individuals’ notes. Automatic note-taking software has assisted users in reaching the next level, whether for business insights, ideas, studies, reminders, or other purposes.

Note-takers have become more common than before. The software is available through a browser and is downloadable to PCs as well as mobile phones.

Whether you are a businessman, a student, an entrepreneur, or anyone else, you might need to take note of every important encounter.

Nowadays, there are a lot of note-taking apps that you can find online. But only a few of them can be considered the best ones for you. Some note apps come with such fantastic features, like adding images, audio, and even videos.

What makes the best note-taking app?

With the most recent demands and level of competition, you don’t want to rely on the wrong service. A great meeting note taker should be as versatile as possible in order to assist you so that taking notes is the least of your worries. It is not exaggerating to expect to have an automatic personal assistant that is ready to help you anytime. For instance, you might want to recall some important points that you made in last week’s meeting. You know, if you use your manual notes, you might not find anything. Is there a copy of the necessary duties somewhere? What is the lone piece of information you require to carry out your plan? Note-taking software can aid in your productivity and organization.

Note-taking app Notiv-best

Speaking of which, we’d like to mention Notiv in this post.
Notiv is an AI-backed note-taking software that can record and transcribe an e-conference in real time. It has wonderful features that can help you from top to bottom in your meeting note-taking. There is a good reason why we’d like to recommend this to you.

First things first, Notiv has the most features that you need for an effective note-taking experience. It can integrate with most popular conference tools, such as Google Meet, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Team, AWS Chime, and many more. The developers of the software even claimed that they were going to add dozens more integrations in the future. But with the most recent list, we think that we can agree that this app is a huge deal.

Professional collaboration and a business advantage

Notiv has a number of impressive collaboration features that can help you streamline your team’s working process.Not only does it transcribe the meeting in real time, it will give you the record of the meeting as well. In addition, the result comes with the action items and key summaries that you can use to quickly review the meeting. You may also quickly separate the meeting’s vital materials. After that, distribute the notes to others and allow them to co-edit them. The action items in the report might potentially be the next items on your agenda.

The app’s structure is quite simple. Notiv is the polar opposite of conventional note-taking applications, which are crowded and complicated. Even if it’s your first time, it’ll be second nature in no time. The UI is simple to use and understand. If you handle it properly, Notiv may be a highly effective collaboration tool for your team.

It is also good for students

These note-taking applications are also excellent student companions. Notiv note-taking software remains our top recommendation for it. Notiv is one of the few note-taking apps that has a built-in audio recorder.

It lets the students pay attention fully to the lectures, making sure that they won’t miss a single thing from their class. When it is time for study, it is a great idea to listen to the audio again.
This is a fantastic option for those working in the creative industries.

Keep in mind that not all meetings are textual. Sometimes, it can be abstract and non-tangible. In the creative industry, anything can happen. Whether it is the mind mapping thing, brainstorming, diagramming, scrabbling, and other things, it is easy to get lost if we don’t pay attention fully in the meeting. Moreover, some people even lose some points because they are too excited with their new ideas. Here is where the Notiv app comes in to help them.

Hands-off experience taking notes

Back in the old days, you would use your pen and paper to manually take notes during the meeting. Well, it is no longer needed anymore. Notiv will conduct it for you automatically. It will start recording the meeting session the moment you start the meeting.

This note-taking app will sync to all of your devices and comes with great support.

Take note, sync, and just go. No matter where you go, Notiv is ready to help you with your note-taking tasks.

During the meeting, you can stay focused by interacting with the other members of your team. You can stay on task with the automatic action items, highlights, and key summeries. The transcription service from Notiv is done in real-time. The collaborative meeting app will help you and your fellow teammates save time. If you are craving good meeting outcomes, the Notiv app can make it happen for you.

As mentioned, it can integrate with dozens of apps. So, no matter what video conferencing app you are using, you can rest assured that it will conduct the real transcription for you with zero errors.
If you are using Zoom, don’t be surprised if you have a “new member” called Notiv in your meeting. It means that the synchronization of the Notiv app with your Zoom app was successful. It will automatically join the meeting and start recording when the meeting happens. The app will transcribe all of the moments in real time. That’s why you won’t need to pick up a pen and paper anymore.

What are you waiting for? Download Notiv now and reap the benefits of it.