How Auto Dialers Work


Call centers and other companies engaged in telemarketing services need intuitive tools to make their workflow smoother and more efficient. As these companies deal with getting in touch with current and potential customers, they should have an automated phone system to ensure that calling customers is easier and more productive, and follows the guidelines and restrictions imposed by regulatory bodies.

Auto dialers

Tech and software companies develop software solutions and platforms for the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. One solution is the auto dialing system. An auto dialer is a software or program that most call centers use to dial phone numbers for outbound calls. 

Auto dialers come in different forms and have other functions. With their various features, the chances of reaching a person rather than voice mail are higher. Auto dialers, like the ones you can find at, are helpful for emergencies, hospitality and healthcare sectors, and in sales and marketing. 

How do auto dialers work?

The basic setup for the auto dialer to work is a computer that will run the software. The system will also require a voice modem, active telephone line, and agents or people who will handle the calls.
Call centers need to have several modems so that they can handle multiple calls. For example, the auto-dialing software tells the computer which numbers to call, according to a specified list. The program decides how long to stay on the line before dropping a call, and moving to the next number in the list. The robust program also provides instructions on what to do when the line is busy, the system reaches voice mail, or the intended live person picks up the call.

Today’s auto dialers use a database of leads where it selects the numbers to call. Often, a person will pick up the call within 25 seconds or four times after the phone rings. The software works on the average time a call is answered before it is forwarded to voice mail. Thus, if there is no answer within 25 seconds, the system will drop the call. Likewise, if there is a busy signal, the system will cancel the call. 

You can find an auto dialing system that includes a voice detection feature. It can tell whether it is a recorded voice from the voice mailbox or an actual person. If it is a live call, the system will route the call to a live operator. 

Types of auto dialers

Software manufacturers develop several auto dialers, and call center operators can choose which type fits their business needs. 

– Preview dialer. It allows the agent to view the call information before the system connects the call. Then, the agent will decide whether to take the call or not. 

– Progressive dialing system. It only dials one number per available agent. Compared to other auto dialing systems, the agents’ productivity is lower. 

– Predictive dialer. This is among the best auto dialing systems, which forwards a live call to an available agent, along with detailed information about the called party. The process is somewhat similar to progressive dialing, but the predictive dialer tries several numbers in succession.

With several types of dialers in the market, companies should pick the system that will be most effective for the service they provide to their clients.