How to Prepare for Publishing Your First Book


The great American author Henry Miller once said “Writing is its reward.” While there are multiple ways of deciphering what he meant, the literal meaning itself is quite powerful. If you can write, consider the skill as the best reward for your effort. Many potential writers around the world are stuck at the last hurdle: publication. It is a common perception that publishing a book is a daunting experience. However, the reality is quite different.

Nowadays, there are various ways in which you can publish your book. From making a deal with a publisher to deciding on self-publication methods – the options are there for the taking. It is up to the author to decide which path to take depending on preference and budget. This article explains some of the most important factors to look out for before trying to publish a book for the first time.

Take Help From Professionals

First thing’s first: if you want to go ahead with any form of book publication, the most effective option is to take the help of experts. You will find numerous publication agencies around the world who are willing to help authors of all experience levels with their book publication. If you want professionals to take the wheels of your project, and ensure that your content is published easily, self-publish your work through Palmetto Publishing.

One key benefit of such services is the fact that they know their way around online content portals. The years of experience, coupled with constant communication with their clients, make them perfect for first-time authors. You will get premium services like editing, formatting, illustrations, cover designs, printing, marketing, and whatnot. If budget allows, first-timers should consider this option.

Make Sure the Final Version Is the Best

Once you finish writing a book, the first question that might pop up in your mind is “How do I publish my writing online?” However, before going into all those thoughts, the content needs to be worthy of publishing on important platforms.

Know that the editor is not the only person who would be proofreading the book to fix errors. People in the sales, marketing, and operations department will also be going through all the pages; that too as a reader and not an editor. Thus, the experience they get will act as a sign of how the general people would feel while reading your book. Keep polishing your content until you feel it is perfect. Handing over the best version of your writing will only make matters easier for your publishing.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Throughout writing and editing, make sure the content appeals to your target audience and is appropriate enough for them to read. Refrain from using adult words if the story is about or for the kids. Avoid childish literature if the aim is to make an impact on mature readers. Ask yourself if reading your book would be worthwhile and whether it touches every topic you planned to include. No matter how excellent the finished product is unless you can reach the target audience, the response you get would never be up to the intended mark.

Maintain Lofty Standards in Your Content

Many authors take book writing commercially or as a form of business. For them, it is the yearly turnover that matters. While there is nothing wrong with writing for money, and we do encourage it, there certainly are drawbacks if you start valuing money over the quality of your content. Do not forget: the audience will only appreciate your content if high standards are maintained throughout. Failing to deliver quality content will only reduce your fan base.

Packaging Is Key

Imagine your book on the shelf of a top-rated book outlet, or even on a page of a prominent online bookstore. The first thing that potential customers will notice is the cover, followed by the overall presentation of the book. If it does not look professional or lacks polishing, you would hardly be able to make a sale.

Allocate a major portion of your budget for cover designs and packaging. Always remember: writing a book is the first of many hurdles that you would need to overcome before you finally reach a level where anything you write would be accepted by the masses. It is a long process but with assured success in the end. You need to make your readers realize that the content inside is good. The best way to do that is to create a lasting impression with a well-designed book cover. After all, it is often the first impression that counts.

Keep Realistic Expectations

If you expect to become a bestseller after releasing a single book, you are wrong. Keep your expectations under control. Only then you will be able to cherish the slow impact caused by your book. You need to realize that content is abundant out there. Something revolutionary is required to stir the masses almost instantly after publication. However, if you keep promoting your content and putting effort into the branding aspects, you will witness a gradual rise in the demand for your book.

Final Thoughts

Be it a comic book series for kids or an epic collection of adventure novels – composing a book is one of the greatest pleasures of life. However, the good feeling diminishes when the author has to worry about publication complications. Hence, the focus of this article was to motivate young writers and make them aware of the various factors to keep in mind before attempting to go for publication.