3 Tips for Promoting an App With Video Content


There’s no shortage of apps available to users. A recent estimate indicates users may have 8.9 million mobile apps to choose from when deciding what to download.

You need to consider this when deciding how to promote yours. Unfortunately, building a strong app that delivers real value to a user is no guarantee of success in this competitive market. You must also ensure that users know your app exists.

A proper marketing campaign can help. As you develop marketing content for your app, don’t overlook video content. Research indicates video marketing content is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Use this medium to your advantage by keeping the following tips in mind:

Watch Other Apps’ Marketing Videos

Publishing video content doesn’t always result in strong brand awareness. A video needs to actually appeal to its audience in a way that demonstrates an app’s value.

Knowing how to develop an effective app marketing video can be challenging. Thus, you might want to find inspiration by watching the marketing videos for other apps that have succeeded in your niche. They can help you start coming up with your own ideas.

Many such videos will likely be available for free on popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Strongly consider downloading some with a video downloader tool. This will ensure you can return to them for additional inspiration even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Show Your App in Use

This may be the primary reason video marketing content is useful for app developers. An app is meant to deliver some sort of valuable experience to a user. For a potential user to understand why they should download an app, they need to know how they can take advantage of this value. An app that sounds appealing in theory may nevertheless fail to attract users if it’s unclear how exactly the app works.

Many types of marketing content limit your ability to show your app in action. That’s not the case with video. This is one of only a few mediums through which you can demonstrate precisely how your app works. Make sure you do so.

Share Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials have been shown to significantly impact a potential customer’s feelings about a product or brand. After all, today’s consumers are fairly savvy. They know that all brands will claim to deliver amazing products or services. They also know they can’t necessarily trust those claims.

However, surveys indicate they feel they can trust the reviews of previous customers. That said, if they’re only reading a review that consists solely of text, someone looking into what others have to say about your app might not experience the full impact of their words. By showcasing customer testimonials with video, you can truly emphasize precisely how much users love your product.

Just remember that video marketing is like any other form of marketing: it requires some experimentation. If your initial video marketing campaigns don’t yield perfect results, try new strategies. You will learn how to create videos that attract users when you take the time to monitor what does and doesn’t work.