3 Tips to Dispose of Your Old Technology Responsibly


According to the Environmental Audit Committee’s Electronic Waste and the Circular Economy report, the UK is one of the largest producers of electronic waste in the world with an average of 29kg of e-waste per person! E-waste is detrimental for the environment, when electronics are not properly disposed, toxic chemicals are released into the earth’s air, water and soil therefore impacting our health. So, how can we responsibly dispose of our old unused tech? We’ve put together 3 tips to help you.


Recycling is the best and most affordable way of disposing of your old tech safely. Look out for recycling centres near where you live. Some charity shops also offer collection services for electronics that still function, they can then be sold online or in their stores. In addition, you can now find online businesses that will buy your old tablets, games consoles and smartphones from you for cash or vouchers.

Set an example

If you own a business, it is a great idea to show your clients and employees the importance of recycling. Richard Curtin, SVP of Technology at OKdo commented that “at Okdo, we are taking steps to promote electronic waste recycling and reduce our environmental impact. One of their initiatives is the Raspberry Pi recycling scheme, OKdo Renew, in partnership with Raspberry Pi and the Sony Technology centre. By offering this service, which provides a £10 voucher for every recycled Raspberry Pi board, they’re hoping to encourage the public to think of ways technology can impact the environment and give incentives to recycle and give their old tech a new life.”

Repair it

If you’re into DIY and you are still hanging on to your favourite piece of technology, repairing it could be a great option. You can either have your tech repaired professionally or you could take up the challenge and do it yourself. There is something special about bringing an old gadget back to life such as a Gameboy for example, you can’t put a price on nostalgia!

Repurpose it

You would be surprised at the ways you can repurpose your old technology. Rather than letting go of your old gadgets, consider re-using them. Some computers can be used as media servers while an old tablet could simply be used as a digital photo frame. We also see more and more people using old tech as décor. Old cameras, typewriters, circuit boards, there are many ways you can turn your old gadgets into great little home decors.