The Best Interior Designers Approach As The Inspiration For Your Creation


We already talked about art that might inspire you, but what about great interior designers? Interior design is an art expressed in space, an art that can literally enliven your life and make it feel better, so why shouldn’t we pay attention to the best artists in this field to understand better how exactly they are making it so good.

The editions annually present the tops of the best interior designers in the world. Some names are repeated from rating to rating. The founders of new styles and approaches receive the status of a classic, a legend. If one of the modern designers eventually leaves such lists, most likely, he has taken up another field of activity. But the coolest masters regularly surprise the world with their works.

Introducing modern interior designers, whose names are often heard in the world tops.


The AUTOBAN ARCHITECTS design studio has been working since 2003 on architectural and interior design projects, as well as promoting ideas for industrial and experimental design. They are world-renowned for their philosophical, thoughtful approach and top-class craftsmanship. Initially, they see the interior as a story that has its own context and character.


DIMORESTUDIO was founded in 2003 as a combined design experience by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. They use furniture of recognized classics and modern models, antique restored objects, and original items in their interiors. To find furniture pieces that look similar to this studio creation you can go to


Sibylla de Magieri is a renowned designer with 20 years of experience. Today she leads a staff of 20 people and leads projects around the world. She is driven by creativity combined with simplicity. She easily modernizes traditions, brings her charm to innovations, attracts harmony, and does not accept discomfort.

Marcel Wanders, Holland

Marcel Wanders is one of the most famous architects and product designers of our time. He has long become a living legend. Wanders is not afraid to experiment, each of his ideas is distinguished by artistry, eccentricity, and a harmonious combination of innovative technology with tradition.

MIM DESIGN, Australia

MIM Design Studio has won numerous awards for its creative interiors with high-quality design. The philosophy of the studio is to inspire clients with a finished project for a new life and achievement of goals. Designers implement ideas that exceed customer expectations, create an individual atmosphere that not only reflects the personality of the client but also improves their lives.

Lorenzo Castillo, Spain

Before taking up the development of interiors, the designer Lorenzo Castillo honed the skill of an antique dealer. Its treasury of Old World finds can be found near the Prado Museum of Art. The love of antiques and art is reflected in the concepts, making Castillo one of the most demanded contemporary designers.

CHZON, France

Chzon agency is known as a studio working in the HoReCa field. Hotels, bars, and restaurants designed by the company can be found in European capitals and US metropolitan areas. Authors are not tied to a particular style. They work more with the atmosphere.

Marco van Ham, Holland

Marco van Ham is a designer whose interiors combine passion and energy but have opened up admittedly new aesthetic boundaries. Marco believes that an ideal interior is not only beautiful and comfortable but also architecturally correct. The project should inspire, delight, and exude tranquility.

Karim Rashid, USA

The name of Karim Rashid is equated with the icon of modern design. Bold interiors feature contrasts, vibrant colors, and thoughtful ergonomics.

Official website of the designer

ARRCC, South Africa

ARRCC studio based in Cape Town. Designers aim to create spaces in which the client is comfortable to live. In projects, they focus on details and content, linking the interior with the external environment.

Gérard Faivre, France

Gerard Faivre is recognized by the world’s top magazines as the best contemporary interior designer. Gerard Faivre Residence is not just a company, but a complete concept for the development of luxury ideas. Each of them is an original work of art. For Faivre, the project is a blank canvas, a source of inspiration, and the birth of a new soul.

Thierry Lemaire, France

Architect Thierry Lemaire, after several years of professional experience, has shown an interest in interior design and furniture design. Today his projects can be found in most magazines in the world.


Designer Karen House has her own vision. Her personal positivity and energy are reflected in the concepts. As Karen herself enjoys the work, so her customers are enthusiastic about ideas. The TAYLOR HOWES brand is respected by private clients and developers for its discreet glamor and excellent service.

Jaime Hayon, Spain

Jamie Ayon has been working as a designer since the late 90s. He quickly went from student to head of the project department at Oliviero Toscani. After 8 years, Ayon began an independent activity, developing the design of toys, furniture, ceramics, and then interiors and installations.

Patricia Urquiola, Spain

Patricia Urquiola is a designer with an established name. She studied with Achille Castiglioni and Vico Magistretti. After graduating from the University of Milan, Urquiola opened her own studio in Madrid in 2001. Her unconventional approach to interior design, skill to experiment, and combination of humanitarian knowledge and technical experience are appreciated by experts in many countries.


Champalimaud Design creates the interiors of the most renowned hotels and restaurants. The company has been operating since 1994, took its current name in 2008. The interiors have conquered the world with charm and sophistication.


Partners Calvin Cao and Zach McCone create modernist projects with a focus on emotion and aesthetics. “Our inspiration is not based on the grandiose and the monumental, but on the big existential questions, as well as focused observations of the sensual, tactile, unexpected,” they say.

Denis Košutic, Austria

Denis Koshutych’s works represent a new, unconventional perception of architecture in the modern world. He translates fashion and design trends into the language of everyday life. Kossutych views architecture as a commodity, not a monument to eternity.

The designer develops strategies, a new image, corporate identity. He invents designs that make customers feel up-to-date and in demand.

SHH London, UK

The elegant projects of the SHH LONDON studio have long been recognized classics. Designers perceive each new order as an opportunity to create something amazing. Whether it is an impressive home or hotel room at a legendary sporting event, they are always based on the client’s wishes.

Peter Marino, USA

Peter Marino is recognized as one of the best designers in the world. His company, Peter Marino Architect PLLC, occupies a leading position in the TOP architectural studios for the scale and constant dialogue between interior and exterior.

So, here is the list of the best designers in the world, was it interesting for you?

Every studio and designer on this list might become a source of inspiration for you if you will be open-minded and willing for a new visual experience.