Benefits Of Outsourcing 2D Characters


Sometimes, people love video games so much but they don’t know much about the technical side of things.

People could have the best 2D games concept without actually knowing how to create them.

If this is the case, it would be very helpful to just outsource the creation of the game—from the 2D characters to the game art and everything in between.

This would really allow you minimum effort but maximum effort. All you have to do is present your concept to a game developer like Argentics and allow the company’s 2D artists to deliver the most amazing 2D characters and 2D game art.

Here are the important benefits of outsourcing characters animation:

1. Expertise and experience

If you outsource the creation of your video games, you know that you will be looking for a company with years of experience in creation of 2D characters and more.

Argentics, for example, has been making video games for quite some time. The company’s 2D artists already know what they are getting into.

Years of dealing with different clients have allowed them to be more circumspect with projects. They create 2D characters with much anticipation for what works and what won’t work.

Character animation needs more than just expertise. Anyone who went to school for graphic design and animation could easily create attractive and enticing 2D characters.

However, it takes special skills to create 2D characters with a heart. Those types of skills could only be learned with experience.

Of course, with experience comes the notion of trust. If a 2D artist is experienced, it means that they were trusted enough to be offered various projects in the video games industry.

This is definitely something that you have to keep in mind. When you are looking for a developer for your characters animation, you need to look at the projects that the company has done. How experienced are they? Do you like what they have previously done?

2. Bespoke design

When you have a concept for 2D games, you want to be able to retain ownership over that even if you did not do the character design. That’s where outsourcing comes in.

While the 2D artist will be creating the 2D characters and 2D game art, everything will be based on your concept. You will have to tell them what you are looking for and they will put it to life for you.

Communication is very important. The 2D artist should be able to create 2D characters as close to how you describe it as possible.

Creating bespoke design isn’t just about creating beautiful art; it is also about knowing exactly what the client wants.

When artists create 2D characters, they are not just drawing a picture. They are actually creating a whole persona.

The character has its own personality, and that’s always the most difficult thing to capture. 2D artists with expertise in bespoke design create a whole persona. Their rendition of the face should match the personality assigned to that character.

Moreover, there is also the costume to think about. That costume should not just match the personality of the character design, it should also match the overall theme of the video game.

Then there is the character animation to think about. The movement should also match the personality of the character. Plus, it should fit the overall theme of the 2D game.

There is also the whole 2D game art to think about. The game is so much more than just the characters. The 2D characters may be the heart and soul of every video game but they won’t make the material successful if the art doesn’t fit the entire design.

When you are looking for the game developer, it is important that you peruse through their previous projects. It is important that you see the versatility of their character design. You don’t want your 2D characters to be similar to the other characters the developer has previously created.

Synchronicity is also of utmost importance. You need to check if the character design in previous projects matches with the storyline of the actual 2D game.

3. Updated with trends

Game developers have to always be on top of industry trends. As an outsider in the technical side of video games, you might not be as up to date with gaming trends.

A good developer will not just take your word for it. They don’t just accept your concept at face value. A good gaming company should also provide you with inputs on how best to develop the 2D characters, the 2D game art, and the video game as a whole.

The company should provide you with a good insight of the industry that will lead to a better development of 2D games.

4. Long-term relationship

When you find a dependable game developer, you could develop a long-term partnership. This would be good as you could always open new ideas and you already have a trusted partner that could create 2D characters for you with minimal instruction or supervision.

When it comes to business, long-term partnership is always a good sign. This would mean that you don’t have to be at the drawing board for a long period of time. The input to create a complete game would be minimal as there is already a history to work on.

It would be easy to go on the same page as there will be no more introductory stage. The work would be seamless and would progress easily.

Outsourcing works

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of control over something that you so proudly created. But we live in different lanes. If you are not an expert on the technical side of video games, then you are better off outsourcing the creation of 2D games—from the creation of 2D characters to the design of the overall 2D game art.