3 Most Crucial Steps of Product Design Process You Shouldn’t Omit


Certain product design processes can differ from each other especially when we include an agile approach. But surly there are some steps similar in each project that should be never omitted. As you build your product from scratch you want to make sure that all the right steps are being taken and requirements fulfilled.

1. Generate ideas

The brainstorming process plays the most important role in the product design process as it’s where everything starts. At this very step you will focus on three aspects. The problem definition – looking for niches on the market with big demand. The second one is idea generation – this one demands the most creative and open-minded approach. Participants of the process should be able to express any idea they stumble upon too – even those crazy ones as in some cases they might actually be the best ones. The last part of this step is idea selection. The team chooses the most valuable and then moves on to the second step of the product design process.

2. Research!

This step is so underestimated. In some of the cases teams would research rapidly and without any plan ahead. Knowing what is happening on the market, what are you possible competitors or simply being aware how many similar products are out there can give you lots of insights and even give you some more ideas on how to improve your product. You should know:

– What are you biggest competitors who provide the similar products/ services

– Try to find if there are any firms with similar plans of product launch (it can significantly influence the process of the entering the market, so it’s worth being prepared)

– How many similar products are there, what are the prices, conditions etc.

3. Conclude tests!

Another neglected step that can help you improve so much! As the product is created we the temptation to launch to the market is gigantic. As you dive more into testing, errors analysis you might limit the number of unpleasant surprises. As you spend more time on testing your product you are more likely to enter the market in a powerful way.

Wrapping up

Product design processes can be conducted in various ways but they all share some of the similar steps. Generating ideas, gaining the right insights and testing are often underestimated but once you see how many positive results it can give you those parts of the process become essential.