Make an Impact with Ink Tank Printers


We have become dependent on your devices, including printers, which is why superior performance is always expected. We want to experience the quality without being heavy in our pockets. This is exactly what the new series of Brother Ink Tank Printers provide us and more. Let’s talk about how you can make an impact with just a Brother ink tank printer!

Does Ink Matter?

There’s a lot of types of printers on the market, including inkjet and laser printers. The most apparent difference among these is the type of ink it uses. The reason it matters is that it affects the cost, speed and even the quality.

What’s an Ink Tank Printer?
An ink tank printer has become very popular and commonly used in both offices and at home. This is due to being an affordable printing option without compromising the quality and speed that can also be found in other expensive printers.  

Technically speaking, laser printers use toner instead of ink through cartridges. In comparison, ink tank printers have a tank system that consists of containers with different colours. These colours are pumped through an airtight tube allowing for nonstop printing. When the ink runs low, you can inject or refill the tank about the needed amount from an ink bottle. This enables ink tank printers to be much more practical. It can produce and deliver at a high capacity yet have a low cost per page.

What Qualities Should I Look For?

These five qualities of an ink tank printer you should look out for. This will ensure that you will get the best possible product for you and your needs.

– 1. High-Volume Printing
The first quality you should look for in a printer is its capacity. Having a high-volume printer will enable you to print what you need when you need it efficiently. It will save you time at home or in the office and help accelerate workflow.

In most Brother Ink Tank, printers can print up to 5,000 coloured pages and 7,500 pages in black. It also has a paper tray that can hold up to 150 sheets of paper. Since it’s a tray, it also helps your document to stay free of dust or dirt!

– 2. Multifunctional
To get the best value out of your money is getting a printer that can do more than just that. The Brother Ink Tank printer can also scan, copy and fax! It allows you the flexibility and the ability to meet any demands. It also has a multi-purpose sheet tray. This enables you to print on various document types on different paper sizes.

– 3. Print from Anywhere
The third quality is accessibility. With everything going rapidly, it’s essential to keep up with demands and deadlines, including ones we didn’t expect. In selected models of the Ink Tank printer, you can do family sharing and print wirelessly. However, don’t worry. The majority of the printers come with built-in Wi-FI and Ethernet. It makes it easier for anyone you share your space with to use the printer.

You can also email print by simply emailing your document to the printer and printing the file for you! You can also use the Brother iPrint&Scan app to print through your handphone.

– 4. Cost
To be considered a good investment, the cost per page should be low, which is for ink tank printers! It can print professional-quality documents without breaking the bank. It helps you lessen operational and running costs.

Brother has models available that allow for automatic duplex printing. It means you can print back-to-back of the paper, helping you reduce paper consumption and your carbon footprint!

– 5. Ease of Use
Another quality to consider is convenience! Brother Ink Tank printers allow you to start using the printer straight out of the box simply. You don’t need to go through a driver installation process that is commonly found with other printers.

It has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use without confusion. You can also program a quick access feature with a one-touch shortcut key. It would be perfect for functions that are commonly used.

The Perfect Fit

The Brother Ink Tank printer is diverse and can meet any demands at home or in the office. It’s incredible for people who need to print a lot daily. Also, it’s convenient for people who find changing cartridges weekly a hassle – this printer would be perfect for you!

Find the perfect Ink Tank printer for you with Brother!