Corporate Gift Design Ideas You Need to Have for Your Business


Corporate gifts, the love language between companies and their clients. Nothing says we appreciate you as a client than sending them a well-thought-out, branded gift. Over the years, these gifts have evolved from the traditional pens and t-shirts to creative handy gadgets.

So, if you are looking for some really juicy ideas to breathe some life into your corporate gifting, look no further. We have put together a list of some unique ideas that you can treat your clients to. You are more than welcome to even send some our way.

Boozy Beverage Baskets

This is really one of the traditional ways of winning over your client; getting them a bit tipsy to sign that contract. Why don’t you add a touch of class to the whole experience and send them some well-thought-out baskets and gifts for bourbon drinkers to really win them over? Just remember to make sure that your client actually drinks alcohol before sending the package over.

– Wine Gifting
Well-crafted wine gifts are certainly popular at the moment. You can either pick from a range of your favorite wineries or pick out some of the best wine gift baskets that are carefully curated by experts. You can choose from a variety pack to a full wine tasting experience in a box. Some of the boxes include snack and food pairings, while others focus solely on the wine.

You can also choose to really impress the client and book a virtual wine-tasting or wine tour. This will include a selection of the wines being delivered to the client for them to sip through during their virtual tour. It is unique and perfect for those wine snobs who love a bit of luxury.

– Tasting or Mixing Experiences
Wine does not have to be the only alcoholic gifting option. You can choose to send your clients a gin tasting with a variety of gins to work through. You can include a virtual professional to take them through the experience.

There are also cocktail mixing classes, which can take place virtually too. Your client will be sent a box or basket with the necessary ingredients and be taken on a mixing journey. These are not only entertaining but can also be a great way to learn new things.

Handy Tech Gadgets

Who doesn’t love a good gadget? And, if you can fit it into your everyday usage, your gift will have a longer lifetime. It will be really handy to brand the gadgets before wrapping them up and sending them off. So, whenever your client uses them, your company will come to mind.

– Headphones, Earbuds and Earphones
These are really necessary and useful for every household and are certainly one of those items that you can have more than one of. Whether you are opting for a great set of headphones or stylish earbuds for the iPhone junkies, you can expect them to get a lot of use.

– Power Banks and USB Devices
Again, these are useful little gadgets that will be utilized every day by your clients, meaning your brand will be top of mind. You can even extend these out to smart devices, kindles or even tablets, if you have the budget. There is a range of great tech gadgets for you to choose from that your client will be grateful for.

Go Back to Nature

Plant parents are the new trend, and if you want to jump on that bandwagon, you won’t go wrong with a few plant gift ideas.

– Succulents, Terrariums or Small Desk Plants
A living plant breathes some life and character into a normally dull workplace. Succulents are a great choice for clients who lack a green thumb as they are very sturdy and tough to kill. For your more fauna freak, you can opt for a gorgeous orchid or even bonsai to really add a touch of class to their desk.

– Growing Kits
These are great activities that come with a lot of personal satisfaction when you see your plant growing. These kits come with seeds, containers, soil, plant food and instructions for the plants. Why not opt for something that they can use in their kitchen like parsley, basil or even peppers. They are relatively easy to grow and you can brand the pot that it is grown in.

Last Thoughts

Clients still do appreciate the traditional corporate gifting ideas. Caps, desk calendars, mouse pads, laptop bags and notebooks are still in high demand and are used every day. As we are still in the midst of a pandemic, you can even sponsor face masks, sanitizers and other PPE items for your clients. They will not go to waste.