Get More Users For Your SaaS Company With These 5 Blog Post Types


What you publish and how you publish them often determine if your SaaS blog will attract more readers and customers. There are several blog posts formats out there, but only a few can deliver the expected results. 

So, if you want to drive real traffic for your blog, build your email list, and convert more users, our SaaS marketing expert at Getuplead have identified a few blog posts formats you can always count on. 

Without wasting time, let’s get to it. 

Top Blog Formats For SaaS Businesses

We have identified these winning blog formats and why you can be sure of getting results from them.

1. How-To Guides

The primary reason anyone searches the internet is to find answers to questions or solutions to problems they encounter in the course of their daily activities. So, a blog that highlights your customers’ pain points and provides practical solutions will always be in demand. 

And that is exactly what how-to guides deliver. For instance, if your product is an AI-powered email writing tool. Your target buyers are people looking for more efficient ways to write emails to be suited for different purposes. 

Now that you know these problems, you can create how-to guides that provide a step-by-step solution to these problems. For instance, you can write on “Writing the best emails within the shortest possible time” or “How to write professional emails for a beginner.”

If you are new to how-to guides, you can check helpful blogs for the principles and guides on how to write them. You should also check out a few examples for a proper perspective.

2. Comparison Posts

Comparison posts are highly recommended as a format for SaaS blogs because they can help potential buyers decide. It is always an avenue to have two or more similar products side-by-side, focusing on performance and value. 

The comparison can be based on the type of user or a specific use case. It is an excellent post format for mid-funnel efforts, where potential users are already considering a few options. 

Your comparison posts should be structured so that it convinces the potential customer to choose you. So, focus on what makes your products better than your competitors’. 

3. Checklists

Considering our busy schedules today, we want to do more things in shorter times. With a checklist, you can just identify these tasks your target audiences are invested in and create valuable content around them. 

The increasing demand for checklists means they will perform well in search engines and fetch you some organic traffic. If done well, you can get valuable lead magnets, such as content upgrades, with checklists. A printable version of your checklist can also pass as an opt-in incentive. 

You can find tons of SaaS blogs adopting the checklist format online. 

4. Long-form evergreen resources

Google clearly prefers long-form blog posts because they offer more information on a specific topic and are most likely to answer the questions searchers may have. Evergreen topics are topics with long-term relevance. So, if you create long helpful content around such topics, you can rest assured of getting steady organic traffic for as long as possible and ultimately increase your chances of getting new customers. 

For best results, long-form evergreen content can complement your top of the funnel efforts, but you can tweak it to fit into other funnel points.  

How do you create excellent long-form evergreen blog posts?

– Start by identifying a topic that will stay relevant for as long as possible. 

– You can start to write the post once you have a topic while ensuring it is easy to understand, fluff-free, and rich in SEO. 

You can do that manually or hire a reputable blog writing agency that is familiar with your industry, audience, and business. 

5. Thought leadership pieces

If you want to amplify your industry authority as a SaaS company and get people to know more about your products, creating thought leadership posts is the way to go. 

Throwing in thought leadership posts at the top of the funnel can convince prospective users to choose you among your competitors. Asides from positioning your business as the best solution to their problem, you also foster vital connections with potential customers, all with thought leadership pieces. 

There are many forms of thought leadership posts. For instance, a detailed post on a certain industry tend can count as a thought leadership piece. Alternatively, you can predict future changes in your industry or offer your knowledge on trending industry topics. 

In Conclusion

An easy way to improve your blogging results is to integrate these powerful blog post types into your content strategy. Come up with an editorial calendar that allows you to rotate these blog formats to put out top quality posts. 

While this is not exactly a walk in the park, adhering to the best practices for each of these blog post forms can make it easier.