The Best Invoicing Solutions for Small Business


As a small business owner or freelancer, how you invoice your clients is integral to your success. Ensuring you receive payment promptly is essential to keeping your business afloat, and presenting your invoices professionally makes a lasting impression that encourages clients to continue using your services.

Creating invoice templates yourself can be complex and stressful, which is why turning to websites like Indy that offer these services helps streamline your business model and ensures you get paid on time.

What Are the Best Invoicing Solutions for Small Businesses?

The best invoicing solutions for small businesses should be easy to use, help you get paid quickly, and avoid accounting errors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for invoicing software. Depending on the size of your small business and what services you’re offering, the best software match will differ. Here are some suggestions that provide useful features and integrations:

– Zoho Invoice
Zoho is an excellent choice for invoicing software for small businesses on a budget because it’s free for companies with five clients or less. With Zoho, you can set up recurring invoices and even create estimates. You’ll be able to track your expenses on the platform, and those who are less financially savvy will find it easier to navigate than other similar programs.

– FreshBooks
FreshBooks offers a scalable solution to invoicing for small businesses of all sizes and freelancers. You’ll be able to manage proposals, estimates, and invoices on this platform to get you through every step of the client relationship. For small businesses with over five employees, the ability to assign projects to your staff via the project management dashboard is extremely useful.

– Indy Invoice
Small businesses will find that Indy invoice is a convenient online tool for procuring client payments on time. You can easily fill in an online invoice template that looks professional, with the option to attach a timesheet or add time tracked hours.

Invoicing through Indy also makes payment convenient with integrations like Stripe and PayPal, or the option for direct deposit. Clients can select their preferred payment method with the click of a button, helping you get paid faster while increasing customer satisfaction.

– Invoice2Go
Invoice2Go is affordable and convenient software for invoicing clients if you’re a small business or freelancer. Keep in mind that there is a limit on how many invoices you can send annually per client before prices increase. For companies operating on a larger scale, this may not be the most cost-effective option.

– Square Invoices
Square Invoices is a free invoicing tool that now comes with Square financial management and payment processing software. This is an ideal option for small businesses whose services are product-based and are processing transactions via Square already. The invoicing tool is simple to use, with a single template you can customize and add your logo to.

Intuit Quickbooks Self-Employed

While this is not a suitable option for a multi-employee small business, self-employed individuals will find that the invoicing tools and ability to record and track their expenses using Quickbooks Self-Employed make tax season less stressful and helps you stay on top of your client payments.

Why You Need Online Invoice Software

As a small business owner or freelancer, having the proper tools at your disposal for professional and organized invoicing is essential to your success. Top-tier invoicing software can help improve your workflow and ensure you never miss a payment deadline with useful features like reminders.

Manually creating invoices and tracking expenses is inefficient and can waste time and resources valuable to your company. It also increases the margin for human error, whereas software designed for invoicing can help you catch mistakes or auto-generate totals.

With digital invoicing software, you’ll never have to worry about assigning invoice numbers correctly again because they are assigned automatically, and you can access your invoices from anywhere. You’ll also reduce the amount of clutter in your office by eliminating paper filing systems for invoicing and expense reports.

Switching to an online invoicing solution allows you to improve client relationships by making payments quick and convenient for them, plus many platforms let you send a payment reminder if a bill is unpaid past its due date. That means you don’t have to get on the phone or send an awkward email asking for payment a second or third time.

Find What Works For Your Business

Finding the best invoicing solution for your business requires research into each software’s features and limitations to ensure you’re getting all the resources you need to invoice clients effectively.

There are plenty of very affordable invoicing platforms for small businesses or even freelancers that will allow you to keep costs down while maintaining a professional relationship with your clients.