What is Azure Devops CI CD For?


Given the current situation in the IT world, we can say that DevOps plays a significant role in quality teamwork. Azure DevOps is a set of development tools for code sharing, workflow tracking, and software delivery (through locally hosted integrated tools). It can run on Kanban, Scrum and CMMI, although there is no way to switch between them. But there is a dashboard setting function, as well as complex agile reporting, thanks to which teams can receive several dozen built-in reports with the latest data on how they are performing sprint after sprint. It is also available for corporate use. Which is very convenient.

Azure DevOps embodies over 15 years of experience of creating software development tools. Thousands of people around the world use DevOps services to create their products. These services have tools that are used at each stage of development, allowing you to create software several times faster and better.

In turn, CI/CD is one of the DevOps practices. At the same time, it is named among agile practices, where deployment automation allows developers to fully focus on the implementation of core business requirements, as well as the code quality and its security.

What do Azure devops include?

The list of Azure services includes:

– 1. Pipelines are continuous integration and delivery pipelines hosted in the cloud. You can study the language bar, opt for any speech, as well as choose the optimal platform and cloud solution.

– 2. Artifacts can be merged with the previous service. It helps to create and share package web feeds.

– 3. Boards is a powerful performance control tool. These are kanban boards, backlog, and command dashboards.

– 4. Repos offers free private Git repositories. You can automatically run builds, tests, and deployments whenever a pull request is made.

Speaking of Azure devops CI/CD, we should note the setting of specific environment parameters that are configured during deployment. Thanks to CI/CD automation, it is possible to execute the necessary requests to web servers, databases, as well as individual services that need to be restarted or perform specific additional actions. This speeds up the process.

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