How to Outsource Magento Data Entry


Magento, as we know, is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms powering around 30% of all eCommerce websites in the world. As an open-source platform, you have virtually unlimited freedom in customizing your eCommerce store with Magento, but at the same time, Magento requires more manual approaches compared to other eCommerce platforms that are more closed in nature.

This is why many eCommerce website owners are switching their strategies to outsource some of their Magento processes, especially regarding data entry, with the aim that they can focus their internal resources to grow faster.

In this guide, we will discuss why outsourcing Magento data entry might be a better solution for your business, and our advice in choosing the right outsourcing partner for your eCommerce business.

Why Outsourcing Magento Data Entry Might Fit Your Needs?

Data entry, as we know, is the act of inputting digital data. This can involve transcribing written documents into digital data, transcribing one type of digital data into another, or simply inputting raw data.

The data involved in an eCommerce setting can be names, addresses, and purchase records among others, and in Magento, there are various data entry processes that may be required in a functional eCommerce store, including:

– Uploading products to the eCommerce site
– Developing, inputting, and formatting product descriptions
– Managing product classifications
– Updating all essential information related to the product like SKU, title format, images/photos, specifications, dimensions, etc.
– Posting and managing photos with necessary editing and optimization to assist the product’s performance
– Creating and optimizing catchy titles and taglines to attract more prospects
– Management of product stocks, shipment schedules, and other data entry processes related to administration

As you can see, data entry can be a time-consuming, repetitive process, and this is where the option for outsourcing the data entry process comes in.

Outsourcing your data entry services means you are partnering with a third-party vendor to handle the data entry processes. It’s common nowadays to outsource to vendors located in low-cost, third-world countries to lower your overall labor cost, making outsourcing a more cost-efficient alternative than hiring an in-house admin, graphic designer, copywriter, and other necessary employees to handle the data entry processes in-house.

An error-free data entry is one of the keys to a successful eCommerce store growth, and at the same time, keeping track of your data on a daily basis can be quite time-consuming and tiresome. Outsourcing your data entry process can eliminate the stress of managing your in-house data entry team and so you can use your time and resources on your core business activities to grow your eCommerce store.

In short, outsourcing your data entry processes is an excellent decision that can help you in getting accurate and up-to-date data at an affordable cost while eliminating the hassle associated with in-house data entry processes.

– You should outsource for data entry services if:
– Your eCommerce store lack the resources to effectively handle data entry processes or are currently overloaded
– Your current data entry process is inaccurate and rich with errors
– You have a vast (and/or growing) amount of data that needs to be inputted and updated
– You want your data to be updated quickly and accurately

How To Choose a Magento Outsource Data Entry Service

There are virtually endless options of data entry services you can outsource to, and choosing the right one for your eCommerce business can be quite challenging.

With that being said, here are some important considerations you should have when choosing between different outsourcing services:

– 1. Identify your needs
As discussed, there is no shortage of data entry service providers on the market, and they may offer different types of services in practice. Thus, one of the first and most important things you should do when choosing the ideal outsourcing service for you is to figure out exactly the tasks you want to outsource. Do you want to outsource all data entry processes for your Magento (as discussed above) or just specific ones like product description copywriting or image optimization?
Once you’ve figured out your exact needs, then it’s just a matter of choosing the most affordable vendor that can cater to your needs accurately.

– 2. Research your options
Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to research your options online, and a good data entry outsourcing company should have a functional and professional website to showcase its services. Some high-quality data entry services like Oworkers, also give you the ability to get quick quotes for your exact needs, so you can quickly determine whether the service is a good fit for you (budget-wise).

Do extensive research about their employees’ quality and level of service, their experience in your specific niche, past clients’ testimonies, and so on. You may want to create a shortlist of your top candidates in this process to help narrow down your options.

– 3. Contact them and communicate your needs
Once you’ve got a shortlist of the service providers you like, you can call them and communicate your requirements (if you’ve got a quick quote from them, even better so you can fine-tune the offer based on your exact needs). Talking to their people will give you a clearer picture of their level of service, promptness, attention to detail, and so on. Ask questions concerning their services and also communicate their needs. Especially ask about their data entry methods and policies, as well as payment details.

– 4. Weigh down quality vs cost
By this time, you should have gathered enough data to evaluate how good the services are. You can now compare the pros and cons of each service and also compare the price charged. Weigh down the price to performance ratio and other relevant factors and unique offers (24/7 customer service care, specialized manager, etc.)


When picking a Magento data entry service provider, it’s very important to check the service’s experience and ensure the data entry service has handled comparable projects to your own in the past. Oworkers, for example, has handled data entry services since 2013 and can manage data outsourcing operations in more than 20 languages.

While choosing between different data entry services can be quite daunting, you can get the right insights by doing your research and understand your own needs so you can have the right expectations for your outsourcing partner.