How to Fix Firestick Remote Problems


Users always contend on learning how to install Kodi on Firestick or how to operate Firestick. These are major issues revolving around Kodi. However, there are rare conditions that might disrupt the entertainment, causing mayhem. A firestick is an exclusive gadget that modifies standard cable TV to a smart TV. The device stream online media uses different media channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, etc. The media platforms come with separate price tags, a discouraging fact for many users. However, technology provides third-party apps such as Kodi to help stream free online content.

Kodi on Firestick provides user’s favorite movies, TV shows, live sports, kid’s channels, documentaries, and music for free. The Kodi software runs using Kodi addons, special software which offers media to Kodi. There are both licensed and unlicensed add-ons, all providing great content. However, the user should invest in good VPN software to hide identity and location. All restricted content attracts legal trouble, which is why the user should use a good VPN while streaming online.

Remote problems are rare Firestick dysfunction. Users always consider significant issues like the internet, overloading the Firestick malware from Kodi addons, and more. Firestick remote not functioning is a crucial issue and should be addressed in different solutions. There are common reasons which may affect the Firestick remote.

1. Firestick remote batteries

There are great chances for the remote not working due to batteries drain of power. Firestick batteries tend to deplete quickly without warning. The issue creates a fuss as many Firestick users don’t realize the problem. The issue is common since Firestick batteries drain power fast than usual. There is no certainty about the subject. The Firestick utilizes Alexa, voice recognition, and command. The majority of users blame Alexa, but the remote doesn’t remain on listening mode. The user has to hold down the Alexa tab for the remote to operate.

The best solution is purchasing quality batteries and having spare ones for desperate times. It’s also advisable for users to have regular battery checkups. Suppose your battery drains off and takes longer before realizing it. The old battery tends to deposit white residue on the connectors. This affects the functioning batteries too.

2. Wrong terminals (+ and -)

This minor and common mistakes Firestick users make daily and struggle with their device. All batteries are designed with + (plus) and – (minus) sides. The Firestick connector also has symbols indicating the + and – sides. The users should fix the batteries in the right direction for them to operate. A wrong installation will cause problems, and you might feel awkward once you realize the issue.

3. Not pairing the Firestick remote

Firestick remotes are already pre-installed with the device. Suppose it’s not automatically paired; the user needs to pair manually. The issue might apply to new or replaced remotes if they aren’t correctly paired.

How to pair your device

– First, plug the Firestick into the HDMI port of the TV.
– Next, power the Firestick and TV.
– Let the Firestick device boot and hold down the home tab on your remote (10seconds).
– Automatically the devices will pair and start working.
– Sometimes the user needs to repeat the process for the remote to pair.

The Firestick device can work with seven gadgets, including the remote control. Users with seven or more devices should disconnect one device using the steps below.

– Go to your setting section on the home screen.
– Next open controllers and Bluetooth devices from the menu.
– The system will display the connected devices. Select the device you wish to unpair and follow the page’s instructions.

4. The Firestick buttons not working

Besides damaged buttons, the Firestick remote doesn’t work. Suppose the remote hasn’t correctly paired with the device. The user needs to repeat the pairing process and try operating the machine. The user can reset the remote and pair it with the device.

– The users should disconnect the Firestick from the power-point.
– Next, hold down the following three buttons:
Back button
Menu button.
And the left part of the navigation ring.

– Now take off the remote batteries and power your Firestick. Give the process some time until the home screen appears on your TV.
– Again insert back the batteries and wait for few minutes.
– The Firestick remote will automatically pair with the device.

5. Is the Firestick remote compatible

Remotes bought separate, or third-party remotes might not work with your Firestick. The user should ensure the remotes are compatible with their Firestick. The majority of Firestick work with Amazon and third-party game controllers. They use the controllers as remotes to interact with the Firestick. All Amazon devices compatible with Firestick can work with your device. The internet has designed replicas of the Firestick remote. One should be careful while purchasing third-party remotes for Amazon Firestick.


All the above issues require less knowledge to manage. The users should have spare batteries and also check for any deposits on the connectors. The problems are easily solved, consuming less time.