SYPWAI: Top Expert About Project Features


About SYPWAI: interview with Abdigani Diriye

The SYPWAI project ( was developed with the goal to help a wide variety of people to work together on the development of artificial intelligence. It is the place that connects business representatives who need the help of neural networks to optimize their work with the specialists engaged in the development of neural networks and implementation of algorithms.

We were able to talk about the project with Abdigani Diriye, the company’s representative

You mentioned that your team came up with a way to improve the neural network accuracy. How did you do it?

It is important to understand that any project based on artificial intelligence should include 2 components. The first is data collection and its subsequent distribution. Such a markup is not very complex, but it is a monotonous process that takes a lot of time. For effective neural network training, it is necessary to study up to to 1 million pieces of data.

The second component is writing a neural network. This is a simulation of a small area of ​​the human brain that is capable of solving a certain problem. The neural network is trained based on “punishment” for incorrect answers and “rewards” for the correct ones, just like with humans.

So, performing any task becomes easier. Once the markup team completes the job, the answers get checked; next step is to train the neural model based on the received data and develop a new API, the program’s interface.

Tell us about the main idea of the SYPWAI project.

The main goal of the SYPWAI system is the ability of any person to participate in the direct training of the neural network. The process looks like a game for children.

The person looks at the image of a dog and has to identify what animal this is: a rabbit, a bear, a wolf or a dog. Each team member processes the rest of the photos in a similar way noting the correct result. Anyone, in addition to contributing to the AI development, can earn money.

Our artificial intelligence is striving to achieve a certain scenario by offering all the possible outcomes.

What is of more importance for SYPWAI: direct training of the neural network or providing workplaces for people with disabilities?

We have been working with artificial intelligence technology for a long time. From our own extensive experience we realized that the main problem is inability for businesses to select a specific group of people for data science, because the markup process takes a sufficient amount of time and requires putting in a lot of effort.

At the moment, the artificial intelligence market is not yet fully developed. So, there are no big companies and no big players who have the upper hand in this market and who could move the technology forward.

We wanted to develop an infrastructure that would benefit everyone without exception. In the process of platform development, it became clear that, thanks to us a new occupation could appear – a data marker. So, choosing only one priority is almost impossible because all the factors are important here.

How does it work?

First, you need to pass a test task that lets us select people for the actual work. Since the task is quite simple, the team continues to work only with those participants who answered the questions correctly in at least 99% of the cases.

At this stage, a person receives tokens in the amount of hundredths of a cent to support his motivation. Subsequently, the participant performs a certain part of the tasks, which is then checked by other participants.

The data can be sent for further analysis only if the majority of the answers match. For example, if 7 out of 10 people answer the same way, and three other people provide a different answer, the correct answer will be based on a larger number of such matches. That’s how a confidence rating is built. If a person deliberately chooses the wrong answer, his rating and income decrease.

What can you say about corporate clients? What are the most popular requests?

We often receive a variety of requests from the research teams, private companies or public organizations that need the help of our neural networks. In addition, we can form a request independently to solve serious problems of humanity.

For example, if a company develops prostheses, we will be able to suggest how not only to reduce the production cost, but also to make it more efficient. When a public organization contacts us with the request to reduce crime in a certain area, we can customize the AI ​​to solve this problem as well.

Based on the client’s request, we prepare scientific research and data that are used to train AI. This is what helps to set the most effective vector for further training. At the same time, people’s requests make it possible to identify their needs in order to increase the demand for a certain product for the society or a specific social group.

Let’s talk about the main algorithms in the system operation.

Depending on the client, we prepare a large amount of information about him: the goal pursued, problem solving methods, scientific research, people’s answers to the questions that help them to find a solution, and so on.

The customer information is encrypted using XOR algorithm. The direct transfer of important data between devices and the server is performed using an asymmetric public key encryption method. It enables us to avoid database hacking.

The main feature is mixing the entire amount of data randomly, which makes it possible to develop a decentralized exchange network. Subsequently, the data is divided into smaller parts so that low-capacity devices also take part in the training process. If small devices receive 1 block, then more powerful devices use large data clusters and arrays of blocks.

How much will an average student make when he marks up the neural network on the way home or to school?

An average neural network markup payment is $5 an hour. For a month, he can earn approximately $300-400. It is important to understand that quite a lot of people can perform such tasks.

Taking into account the latest events and news, do you encounter skepticism in view of the fact that the payment is made in cryptocurrency?

Participants will be able to exchange the received cryptocurrency and transfer the money to any bank card. They can also use a different payment system; it all depends on their preferences.

If the participant earned $5 an hour, he/she can immediately withdraw this amount, as there are no restrictions. In addition, with the development of the platform, you can keep money in your account for a short period of time and hope that $5 will turn into $8 in a couple of weeks.