5 Home Office Productivity Tips for Bloggers


As a blogger, productivity is something that can make or break your success – particularly when it comes to working out of your home office. 

If you have a strategy in place, you can get more done in less time (which inevitably produces superior results). Here are a few useful tips:

1. Be Strategic With Where You Locate Your Home Office

Some might consider this a hot take, but here it goes: You can’t maximize productivity without a dedicated home office. If you spend all of your time working from the kitchen table, you’re always going to be distracted. Create a home office and be strategic with where it’s located.

Most people don’t have the luxury of choosing which room they use as a home office – the decision is often made for you. But if you do have a choice, it should be located as far away from the main living areas as possible. This limits noise and other distractions, which could suppress your productivity levels. 

2. Eliminate Distractions Inside the Office

It’s also important to eliminate distractions within the office itself. The most common sources include:

– Smartphone. Your smartphone is arguably your single biggest distraction. If possible, leave your smartphone out of your office. If you need it to make calls and get work done, silence notifications and remove distracting apps from the home screen.

– Windows. Having natural light pour into your office is a good thing. And while a window with a view may be nice for inspiration and reflection, it can become a distraction if you aren’t careful. If you have a direct view of a busy street or park, you may want to install some translucent or semi-sheer curtains to keep you focused on what’s happening inside. 

– Personal belongings. There’s something to be said for having a couple of personal items in your office. However, too many personal belongings can become a distraction. Try to keep your office decor simple and streamlined. You want just enough to make you feel creative, but not so much that it taxes your brain. 

You don’t want your office to be stale, but it should be focused. When you walk into your office, you go into a business mindset. The rest of the house can be for personal purposes, but this room is different. Be ruthless in eliminating things that don’t directly enhance your ability to be focused and productive. 

3. Optimize Workspace Ergonomics

The ergonomics of your workspace at home are extremely important. You want to be comfortable, but you also need proper support for your back, neck, and joints. If you’re still using cheap office furniture that you got from a secondhand store, it’s time to upgrade to something that’s going to benefit your overall wellness.

Top-rated online furniture stores like BTOD.com offer a wealth of ergonomic options that look great for a variety of styles. If nothing else, you should review their inventory to see if there’s something that could work for your home office.

4. Keep a Clean Desk

While it may be true that “messy” people are more creative, they’re certainly not as productive as organized individuals. And as a blogger, creativity without productivity is pretty pointless.

“A cluttered office causes stress, makes you feel burned out, and it reduces your ability to concentrate,” entrepreneur Raymond Chiu writes. “On the other hand, a clean office can help clear your mind and increase your productivity.”

A clean office starts by clearing off your desktop – both your physical desktop and your computer desktop. If something doesn’t serve a functional purpose, throw it away or relocate it. 

5. Try the Pomodoro Technique

Are you familiar with the Pomodoro Technique? It’s a simple system you can use to stay focused and mentally fresh as a blogger. It works like this:

– Step 1: Select a task (like writing a blog post)
– Step 2: Set a 25-minute timer and write until it buzzes
– Step 3: Set a four-minute timer and take a break until it buzzes
– Step 4: Repeat for a series of four “Pomodoros” and then take a 15-30-minute break.

That’s it! Pretty simple and effective. You can even find Pomodoro timer apps to make this process even easier.

Take Productivity Seriously

If you’re an aspiring blogger and/or someone who is currently in the process of growing and monetizing a blog, productivity is one of your single-most important tools. While the quality of your content obviously matters, so does the quantity. You have to pump out content on a regular basis, otherwise you’ll have no audience. 

By prioritizing productivity, you can get more done in less time. Not only will you be able to publish content, but you’ll also have time left over to invest in marketing, networking, advertising, etc. The hope is that this article gives you some useful techniques to work with moving forward. Feel free to adapt them to your specific workflow and needs!