5 Beginner Tips to Help You Dominate in Paladins


If you’re a big fan of team shooter video games, then you’ll surely love Paladins. This video game offers an interesting twist to your usual shooters, making it a fresh new game for players to enjoy.

Because of its complex gameplay and storyline, Paladins isn’t exactly the best shooter game for beginners. Aiming accuracy is crucial, and you only learn that after playing the game multiple times.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that beginners can’t play Paladins at all. That’s why we’re here to share our secrets with you.

In this article, we will teach you 5 beginner tips to help you dominate in Paladins. With these tips, even seasoned players will think that you’re a master at this game.

1. Know Your Champion

Paladin offers a variety of champions for you to use in-game. Each champion possesses abilities and weaknesses that will help your team win in every match.

Before you pick your champion out of excitement, make sure to assess what he has to offer and whether that suits your playing style. In that way, you’ll be sure to use him to your advantage.

At the start, beginners only have six champions to choose from. They are Ruckus, Cassie, Viktor, Jenos, Series, and Lex. You unlock more champions during Free Rotation, or through buying them with Gold or Crystals.

These champions are categorized into four groups, namely Front Line, Damage, Support, and Flank.
Front Line Champions offer the best control over the objectives while also providing excellent protection for their teammates. For beginners, Ruckus falls under this category.

Damage Champions, as the name suggests, are responsible for causing damage to the enemy. That high offensive damage makes them perfect for close combat encounters. Champions Cassie and Viktor fall in this category.

On the other hand, Support Champions offer both offensive and defensive help. While they cannot deal as much damage to the enemy, they can heal their teammates to help them stay longer in the game. Jenos and Series belong to this category.

And finally, we have the Flank Champions. Flankers are among the most agile champions who can also deliver a great deal of damage. However, you have to be careful not to get too close to the enemy since they tend to have lower health than others. Lex falls under this category.

From this, you can now identify which hero works best for your playing style.

2. Create the Winning Team

Now that you know the different champions and their particular roles, you can now create the dream team to win in Paladins.

As much as possible, having a champion from each category will help you maximize how the team plays against the enemy. But, make sure that the whole team agrees on the tactical strategy to take down your opponents.

Throughout the game, make sure to have open communication with your teammates to stay informed of your locations. That will make it easier to gather in case of an enemy attack.

3. Eyes on the Prize

Another key tip that beginners should remember is to keep their eyes on the prize. This means that the goal is to finish all the Objectives.

But as tempting as it is to obtain as many kills as possible, you shouldn’t forget about Payload and Capture Points. These features, together with Kills, will help you ensure victory and complete the objectives.

In completing Objectives, it also helps to use Paladins cheats while staying undetected. Various cheats are available for you to try, and these can help beginners improve their game and overall score.

4. Explore the Map

Also, we must emphasize exploring the map as much as possible. When you have a full understanding of the map, you know where to hide or where it’s best to shoot the enemy. You will have a good idea of each terrain, using every corner of it to your advantage. Thus, we strongly recommend exploring the map as you move along.

5. Understand the Card System

And finally, the unique Paladins Card System is a way to help you improve your character.
You can use your cards for loadouts, and these loadouts will help you unlock abilities and similar upgrades for your character. If you’re not familiar with the card system, you might end up just randomly exchanging these cards for items that will not optimize your character’s potential. Thus, use the card system to your advantage.

With all these beginner tips in mind, you can surely dominate in Paladins. As long as you stick with these tips, even experienced Paladins players will be impressed by your performance.