Top 3 Airbnb Management Tools


Companies engaged in renting accommodation for holidaymakers, do a tremendous job. Successes are achieved by those who manage to properly organize the interaction between employees and customers. The activities of companies are spread all over the world. In these conditions, you can’t do without competent software.

Whom does Airbnb work with?
Airbnb works with many software partners. This allows the quality of communication between guests and hosts to raise to a high level. Many services meet the requirements of modern software vendors. But there are more advanced ones among them that offer more quality services.

Three of the best Airbnb software

Guests and hosts prefer three services. This is said by good reviews about them. These applications simplify complex transactions, collect information from different sources, and effectively manage payments. The range of services of these Apps is quite wide. Let’s get to know them.


Hosty – It’s an amazing software for the Airbnb account management. With it, you can do all the transactions with the rental of real estate on the go. It’s available on both the App Store and Google Play. This tool allows you to connect to automatic property management on Airbnb in three steps:

– Subscribe to a two-week trial;
– Connect to multiple accounts;
– Improve performance.

The software allows to easily handle several functions in Airbnb:

– Manage all accounts from one platform;
– Sending and receiving all messages in a single mailbox;
– Manage listings in different accounts in one app;
– The ability to view and edit bookings, change prices in a multi-calendar;
– Using a filter when managing your booking;
– Automation of communication, pricing for convenience and time saving;
– The ability to sync all data from VRBO, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor with Hosty calendar;
– Managing Airbnb’s mission to improve productivity;
– Access to all statistics through reporting management.

Download Hosty’s mobile rental app and take advantage of the latest technology to find the best place to stay.

Enjoy all of these features by choosing a handy data plan for Hosty software. There are only three of them:

– The basic plan is $7 per month;
– The baseline is $10 per month;
– The advanced plan is $15 per month.

You can use the two-week free version to use Airbnb services. You don’t need a credit card to do that. Go to Free Trial, fill in the mandatory graphs and use the service.


This software greatly simplifies the complex tasks of renting Airbnb real estate. It gives an opportunity to solve a set of issues, allowing you to save time, focus on the main things. Guesty offers innovative features for effective property rental management. They make it possible at any time to stay up to date with all business issues and solve them quickly. Here are the main features of the application:

– Analytics tools;
– Monitor and present business performance information;
– Automation of all processes;
– Providing a site for booking without payment and OTA fees;
– Manage all lists from one place with the help of a channel manager;
– Extended stay function with medium-term rentals;
– Multi-calendar to collect all bookings in one place;
– Open API to manage Guesty functions from your platform;
– Owners’ portal to provide with annual and monthly income reports;
– Automatic payment processing;
– The ability to collect documentation on the safety and compliance of the property with the current rules before the accommodation of guests. The income management feature allows you to earn more for less work;
– Task management ensures that the entire system runs smoothly;
– A centralized mailbox manages the entire network of correspondence, without allowing the slightest leakage of information.

24/7 service for guests works for them around the clock, without interrupting their rest. Price policy takes into account the opportunities of customers. To determine the cost of services, you should contact Guesty and discuss pricing conditions.


Fife years of experience allows the service to improve the efficiency of real estate rental companies. The most valuable features are considered:

– Direct management of real estate reservations with unique tools;
– Intelligent payment processing with the international Stripe system;
– Manage all tasks, accounts, calendars with the same panel. Ensuring uninterrupted communication between guests and hosts;
– Saving 70% of the time on smart messages. Automation of communication. Using one mailbox;
– Organizing teamwork.

Automation tools allow you to receive pop-up notifications, avoid double bookings, and track guest reviews. Here you can influence prices, at the same time follow other platforms. To access all the features of the IGMS application, it is enough to make a free registration.

IGMS offers two ways to pay for services. The flexible plan is designed for new customers who want to pay for each day of booking. The cost of the service for one night of rent is only 1 dollar. The PRO tariff plan is $18 per month. Two weeks of free access to services is possible when 4 properties are connected. Features are limited to Ads for Airbnb.


There are many companies on the market that rent real estate. Their scale of activity is different. For small companies, perhaps software services can be an unnecessary burden. If there is not much information to operate with, you can likely handle business without the involvement of assistance from the outside. A large sale property management company can’t do without the use of software. Which one to choose is for the client to determine.