What Are The Best Home Security Systems For Your Graphic Studio?


Creativity is the most valuable skill today. Ideas and their development are the products of the creative process. As a graphic designer, who invests a lot of time and resources in the development of new ideas, you understand this the best.

Your graphic studio is full of priceless innovative ideas and very expensive equipment. And, most graphic designers say that they would feel lost if something happens to their computer and all data.
So, let’s see how we can save all that important stuff and make sure that a situation like that is impossible to happen.

What do you need to consider when choosing a proper security system?

When you decide to install a security system in your graphic studio you need to make sure that you choose the proper one for your requirements. There are also few factors and a few types of security systems to look at, understand, and pick adequate for your needs.

You should think about 3 things:

– 1. The possibility and type of crime that could happen
– 2. What is the subject of security?
– 3. Type of security system (wifi security system, monitored, non-monitored)

Crime type to secure from

When you’re deciding which type of security system is the best for you, start by assessment of possible crime. For example, we know that the highest probability of burglary has a shop. Also, has a shop in a bad neighborhood.

So, in this step, the factors which you need to consider are:

– The most frequent crimes in that part of the city
– How secured is that location
– Which type of crime has the most possibility of happening to your graphic studio
– What is the most vulnerable part of your studio
– What is an effective way to committee crime

When you give answers to all of these questions, you can go to the next step – what you need to secure in your graphic studio.

Subject of security

As we have said at the beginning of this article – creativity and innovations are your most valuable assets. They are stored in your computers, tablets, and other technics and technology.

So, we can say that the subject of security is your technics and technology.

Also, if you are keeping money in your graphic studio, you should consider to transfer it to the bank or find a way to secure it in the studio.

Don’t forget that there is always a cyber risk and the possibility for data stealing, so research about the best ways to stay protected from cyber risks.

Types of security systems

Not all types of security systems are suitable for your graphic studio. Only when you finish consideration about the previous 2 factors, you can decide which system is the best for you. Here are some characteristics of each one, hope that it will help you to make a decision.

– Wifi security system

The wireless security system is a modern and comprehensive type of security system. The good part is that its installation has lower costs and can be easily upgraded. This system consists of different detectors, sensors, cameras and alarms which are connected with the main control panel through radio signals. The good part is that you do not need to have the internet for access to the wifi security system.

– Monitored System for Alarms
Monitored System for Alarms is very trusty for the protection of burglary. It can be easily installed, and uses monitoring services and really modern technology. When the alarm got sounded, this system will explore all the possible crimes and will give a proper reaction.

– Non-monitored system for Alarms
The non-monitored system for Alarms is not monitored by a professional security company. Its equipment can be very various, but typically it includes motion sensors, doorbell camera, door and window sensors, a control panel, sirens and smoke detectors. Some can be smartphone compatible. The non-monitored system is a very economical way to provide security for your studio.


When you’re deciding which system is the best for your graphic studio take time and make detailed research. This is not a decision that you need to rush. Take all the time you need and make sure that you’ll make the best decision.
If you go through all the previously mentioned steps, be sure that you’ll pick the best security system for your graphic studio!