7 Reasons to Choose AngularJS For Your Business in 2021


AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework for website development. It uses HTML as a template and allows you to extend its capabilities through HTML constructs. It has many features, such as data binding, form validation, and dependency injection. It’s also flexible and simplifies development through abstraction. What’s more – it’s REST API supported and the perfect framework for frontend development.

Since AngularJS uses HTML components, updating them is less complex compared to other JavaScript frameworks. You don’t have to worry about directives, and they can even be managed by other teams. This also allows for faster development through parallel workload handling. You can even use an Angular software vendor for handling MVC dependencies and page applications.

All of those features are the reason why big brands such as Netflix, PayPal, and YouTube have all used AngularJS for several projects. They are also what explains why AngularJS boasts 6.68% of the market share. And they should be enough reason to justify why you need this framework for your web development projects during 2021. But if you aren’t convinced yet, let’s take a look at 7 powerful reasons why you should use AngularJS from now on.

1. Data binding

The model and view changes correspond to each other and happen in sync, i.e., making changes in one creates changes in another. These changes happen in real-time, reducing total development time in half.

This is thanks to the property and event binding capabilities of AngularJS. Data binding also improves code consistency and allows you to code faster without snippet comparison. They also help in handling browser events and module changes.

2. Code reusability

Since AngularJS works through the components, it’s very easy for developers to reuse the code created for different modules. You can also build complex functionalities by reusing code. Code reusability features allow you to use ready solutions to develop your application.

In AngularJS, the code is structured and broken into different modules. You can reuse these modules for your applications and different projects. The framework also recognizes if a particular piece of code should be changed into its own module, allowing you to easily create more modules without additional hassle. This way, the framework also improves the code’s readability and ease of understanding.

3. SPA (single-page applications)

AngularJS can be very helpful for single-page applications through form validation. Form validation means you can actually monitor and enhance the performance of your applications through form controls.

Since AngularJS works with modularity, i.e., changing the application into small modules, it’s very easy to control it. The form controller tracks many useful elements for your application. Developers can use this data to change the specific HTML components on the page.

4. Easy testing

AngularJS has a built-in testing feature. This allows developers to easily test their applications without using external resources. It has a great testing framework called Karma, a framework that specializes in unit testing. You can use automated testing for separate modules.

AngularJS also has a good IDE allowing you to track errors and catalog them more easily.

5. Client compatibility

AngularJS allows your application to have client-side compatibility. It can also work with different devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablet. Using AngularJS, developers don’t have to make changes in the backend to support changes in the frontend. Client compatibility allows them to change stuff in the front without worrying about the impact on the backend.

This framework does it with the help of the basic MVC architecture. You can easily create getters and setters to change class properties, and the UI is lightweight. It also makes the whole application user friendly.

6. Ease of code

Since this framework uses MVC architecture, you can code faster and better for applications using it. It’s modular design also allows you to code in a more structured way. This allows you to maintain and optimize your code easily.

You can also add integration for different APIs. This saves development time. You can easily integrate existing components of a different application into yours by pasting that code into your application.

7. Use of filters and Google support

AngularJS has its set of filters that you can use to change the responsive design. AngularJS has a whole directory for filters. There are many different filters that you can use, such as date, currency, number, and limit to, among many others. You can even create your own custom filter and register it to the directory. Developers can use a pipe to add filters to their expression.

AngularJS also has amazing support since it was created by Google. There is a huge Google community that can help you with scaling, code replication, and any other thing you need. There have been a lot of releases, security fixes, and patches for this framework. It has also received LTS fixes. It is one of the best Google products for scalable and maintained applications.


These are a few reasons why AngularJS is a really important asset for web application development. With its compatibility features, frequent releases, and security settings, it is one of the best products on the market.