5 Reasons You Must Host Your Website on WordPress


When you set out on the quest to host a website, you find yourself in a bunch of options. From a Virtual Private Server to shared hosting and WordPress, you have a lot to choose from. These servers have different features that also affect their costs.

There are pros and cons to all types of web hosting. However certain hosting types come with benefits that cannot be replaced. We identify WordPress to provide you with a lot of more control to manage your own website. Right from the content management system to the ability to customise your website theme, WordPress has a lot to offer.

In this article, we will cover the main benefits of WordPress hosting. By the end of the article, you will get to know what’s in store for you at WordPress if you decide to opt for it.

1. Flexible costing

The cost of hosting depends on the type of features you need. For example, if you host WordPress with GoDaddy, you can choose from a lineup of packages all of which have different things to offer. This changes the cost of the packages as well. You can also get free domain simply by enrolling into the hosting plan. Such exciting deals run during many events throughout the year Black Friday is when the deals are in their full vigour and you will find awesome deals with almost every WordPress host

The ways to bring down the cost for your website hosting does not end here. GoDaddy also runs a money-back guarantee on WordPress websites which lets you get your money back if you feel like waiting 30 days for hosting. Moreover, the cost starts from Rs. 149 per month even during off-seasons that will get you a website with backup protection and up to 30 GB storage. At the same time, you get the opportunity to save on the package that you choose by using discount coupons on hosting. Checkout a range of coupons on website hosting online so you can grab the best deal as it comes.

2. Security

There is a lot of talk about WordPress not being secure, but that is true when you don’t give security the importance that it should get. The number of malware that can attack a software or a web-based application has increased way more in the last few years. Hackers are getting creative with their ways and the end-users have to pay the price if websites are not secured well.

WordPress, on the other hand, hosts plugins to increase website security. The plugins help in making sure that the website is scanned periodically and the bugs are fixed. It becomes fairly easy to install the plugins and let the server take care of the rest. The whole system is automated. Another benefit of the same is that it reduces manual intervention posing less threat to the site.

3. Loading time

Websites that have a fast loading time are more likely to have more traffic and also rank higher on the Google search results. This is because when a user lands on a website, the loading time may drive them away from the webpage. The page load time on a website should be 2 or fewer seconds as per Google’s official blog – the Keyword. Anything beyond that can have effects worse than what meets the eye. Less on-page time is a factor that badly affects the website’s popularity and can also drive visitors away.

Moreover, when you host your WordPress website with SSD, the website loading time is faster. This also is a more reliable website. It improves performance and is better than HDD hosted websites.

4. Managed services

Consider having a constant manager for your website who makes sure it functions smoothly and efficiently all the time. That’s Managed services, but instead of one person you got a full team and it’s still under budget. WordPress managed services will reduce your entire hassle of maintaining your WordPress website by yourself. Plenty of activities including scalability of the CPU, RAM, storage space and other resources are carried out with ease through the Managed team. So you don’t have to face the trouble of inviting more manpower for website maintenance purposes. Especially during times when your website would grow, when you’d have more web pages and accounts to handle, a managed service can reduce your work a lot.

Many companies outsource website maintenance. Downtimes are totally unacceptable for websites. But in case of sudden server down-times, there is no other option but to wait. Managed services system ensures that such instances are minimized.

Moreover, the WordPress customer care team is super efficient and is accessible in various ways. Website forms, email and even through phone – you can get in touch and have your concerns addressed.

5. Cloud-based hosting

One of the biggest benefits of a WordPress website is that they are cloud based. This means a network of connected virtual and private cloud servers host the website. This in turn increases the scalability and flexibility drastically.

Also are the other benefits of Cloud-based cascaded into your wordpress website like an incredible uptime. Because your website is hosted on multiple servers, the website can be transferred between servers to ensure maximum uptime, unlike normal hosting in which your website loses uptime everytime the server goes down.

Additionally, cloud based web hosting lets you scale servers on demand. This will prevent your website from going offline on an occasion of unexpected traffic surges, something that a lot of webmasters are concerned about.

Other benefits

WordPress website can also give you the ability to basically customise your website with pre-defined templates. So that works for new companies who would like to start a brand new website without having to spend tons of money.

WordPress website, because of its efficient CMS, lets you upload content all over the website in no time. Sometimes the editors simply drag and drop based that are very easy to use. WordPress comes with not only efficiency, but can also make website management fun for you.

Final Thought

The hosting that you choose depends on various factors from which cost and flexibility are two most important features. Another one is the customer service to tackle sudden shocks. So when you decide on your web host, you must take all these into consideration.