What Makes Magento PWA Theme Awesome


PWA (progressive web app) is the concept that was introduced by Google experts in 2015. PWA storefront acts both like a traditional website and a native mobile application. In the event that a user visits such a resource through a personal computer, a standard website will open in the browser. Today the PWA concept is supported by all popular browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. Users can also add PWAs to the homescreens of their mobile devices.

Magento PWA Advantages

Thus, progressive web apps meet three of Google’s must-have criteria: performance, great user experience, and reliability. Achieving these features required the use of advanced tools, web technology, application shell, HTTPS protocol, push notifications, etc.

Such world-famous brands as Uber, Pinterest, Forbes, AliExpress, Sondslice, Starbucks, Yummly, OLX India, Flipboard and many others are already enjoying the advantages of Magento PWA storefront.

An updated technological approach to business allows users to appreciate the significant benefits of such a solution:

– High performance;
– The ability to work with the resource offline;
– The ability to install the application directly from the browser. 

Thanks to this, Magento PWA allows you to make your website always accessible, regardless of the level and quality of the Internet. This is especially convenient in the case of online stores as the client can use the resource even offline, and the placed order will go into the system as soon as the user has the Internet.

The availability of application installation directly from the browser will help avoid additional visits to Google Play and other app stores. Another advantage is the ability to increase the speed of loading resource pages on mobile phones. The system allows you to send custom notifications and perform many other useful functions.

Is it possible to turn any Magento website into a PWA?

If you want to experience all the advantages of the Magento PWA theme first hand, then initially your website must meet several mandatory requirements, namely:

– Platform version 2.0 or newer;
– Use of secure HTTPS protocol;
– Adaptive coding of the resource page;
– Each particular page of the website must have its own individual URL.

The Magento Development company provides Magento theme customization services in PWA for any resource that does e-commerce. Magento specialists have sufficient experience and qualifications to carry out work of any complexity and scale, depending on the wishes of the customer. An individual approach in combination with high-quality work performed will provide an excellent final result.