3 IT Support Features for SMEs in The Post Pandemic Environment


The second wave of the Covid-19 virus is gaining momentum in countries all over the world. Even in cities where the virus had been brought to a complete standstill, with no cases being reported just two months ago, the second wave has started showing new Covid-19 cases once again.

Fortunately, this time businesses both small and large are better prepared to handle a pandemic situation, and IT support providers such as EC-MSP are ready to help their client businesses persevere through these difficult times.

During the first quarter of 2020, when Covid-19 brought about severe lockdowns in many countries across the globe (and both businesses and customers were forced to shift to an online market), it was clear that this year would be economically massive for the online market. Experts predicted that the e-commerce sector in the US alone would generate over $650 billion, with the global market crossing the 4 trillion dollar mark.

However, this was before they factored in the conditions of the last quarter of 2020, with the coronavirus making a comeback and doubling the pressure on both buyer and seller to venture online. Businesses that haven’t made the transition yet are now haphazardly preparing for a possible second lockdown, and the only way out is the digital avenue.

The post-pandemic economy is a very lean environment; many people have either lost jobs and/or seen a significant decrease in their income, which has seriously impacted their spending patterns for the worse. For businesses, this is a tough time to take money in when buyers are only looking to spend what they need to. However, it is also a time where businesses can develop a stronger relationship with their clients.

There are different tools and techniques businesses can employ to give their clients and customers more value for their money, but with physical markets either closed or open for limited hours, they need more than just a discount scheme.

In any case, even when the Covid-19 situation calms down, businesses must go digital since the buying behavior of individuals has changed. Mobile technology is becoming more accessible, and the internet is reaching more people – at a much lower price point – than ever before. To effectively shift to this digital marketplace (and then grow as an online business) requires the specialized help of an IT support team.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses are boarding the e-commerce bandwagon, and it isn’t as easy as just setting up a website anymore. There’s significantly more competition, and the digital space has drastically evolved in the past 10 years.

Moreover, the technology which facilitates e-commerce has also changed, and with so much other online activity taking place, it is now more important than ever for businesses to have a good IT partner who can set up and manage effective online business campaigns.

If you’re a small business in need of IT help, here are three IT support features for SME’s in the post pandemic environment for your consideration.

Managed IT Services

Rather than needing to hire a professional for every aspect of your IT support – such as network support, security support or backup and recovery, or needing to hire a professional who’s only mildly competent through a third-party service, by using managed IT services, businesses can delegate each aspect of their IT infrastructure to a seasoned professional who can do the job at an affordable price. You get high-quality work at a much lower cost, and you can get top-grade service for all aspects of your task. Working with a qualified and experienced professional makes it a breeze for business owners to fulfill regulation standards and digital business protocols required for their region or industry.

IT Consultation

An IT consultation with an experienced consultancy firm can help businesses start off more cost-effectively and efficiently. With the right guidance, business owners can invest in an infrastructure that directly meets their demands and is in line with their future business goals, rather than wasting money on finding out what works and what doesn’t. It’s worse when a business manages to set up a system that gets the organization moving, but as soon as it’s time to scale up or a significant change needs to be made, the digital infrastructure can’t adapt.

Whether it’s a simple relocation process, a general consultancy and network services related query, or a recovery solution that you need, an IT support company can give business owners assistance in every aspect of their digital presence. As new regulations and industry standards are implemented for digital business, e-commerce related regulations and standard compliance consultancy is becoming increasingly more important.

Advanced functionality

Several business tools and processes, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, and digital payment systems can become very complex as businesses scale upwards. Hiring a third-party IT support firm makes it possible for upcoming businesses to use these modern services and technologies and grow faster than they would have, had they chosen to manage all aspects of the digital business on their own. IT support specialists know what works, what doesn’t, who to work with, and what to be careful about. Tapping into this plethora of experience can be the difference between a successful business and a business which just manages to stay afloat in the digital space.

The pandemic has turbocharged the digital business environment, however, with or without a global health hazard, the digital marketplace is bound to grow no matter what. Businesses which make the shift will be in a much better position to handle a future lockdown situation, and those who take this step hand in hand with a solid IT support team are more likely to make this a step towards growth and expansion.