2021 Guide: How Your Online Store Can Accept Cryptocurrency Payments


It really does not matter if you have been in business online for years or if you are just starting. The reality is that times are changing. This includes how people are choosing to pay for the items that they want. No longer are Visa and MasterCard the only players in the payment processing business. Bitcoin, which is the most popular form of cryptocurrency, is quickly growing in popularity for a number of reasons.

To begin with, cryptocurrency is incredibly easy to use. This means that customers can pay you more quickly and you will get your money faster than ever before. You will also discover that cryptocurrency payments are cheaper to process, meaning you will save on those hefty credit card fees that you have grown to dread. You will also find that people will come and check you out simply because you start accepting Bitcoin. The key is to get your business ready today so that it can begin accepting cryptocurrency payments as quickly as possible.

You Need a Bitcoin Address To Accept Cryptocurrency

Accepting cryptocurrency means that you need to have a place where your customers can send you their Bitcoin or other types of currency. To do this, you need to have a wallet. This is an electronic location where others can send their Bitcoin directly to you. It is as simple as them inputting your email address and the amount that they are to send to you. That will then appear in your wallet in a matter of seconds. This is the primary reasons why the cryptocurrency is turning into an ideal way to accept payments in an online business.

A Payment Processor Is Helpful

You may also find that you want to use a payment processor. This will help you to divide up your cryptocurrency payments throughout the business day and make it is easy to handle multiple transactions at the same time. If you are unfamiliar with such payment processors, then you might want to start by looking into BitPay. It’s a good idea to convert your Bitcoin to fiat currency at the end of each business day to avoid any fluctuations in price. Use a cryptocurrency exchange like OKEX to trade BTC to INR, EUR or USD (Fiat).

Make Sure the Internet World Knows You Accept Cryptocurrency

Accepting cryptocurrency is something that you will want to tell the world about. You can begin by placing a quick banner on your website that states you are now accepting Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency. It is also important to let affiliated blogs and media outlets know as well. When the word gets out that this is the direction that you are heading, then you will probably notice an uptick in monthly website traffic as a result.

Account for Taxes and Other Bookkeeping Matters

Keep in mind that record keeping for cryptocurrency is a bit different than other payment methods. You will want to tweak your accounting system just a bit to account for cryptocurrency transactions as capital assets. This will help you as you begin to prepare financial reports come tax time.

This guide will help you get started on the road to accepting cryptocurrency payments online. Remember that an online business has the advantage of attracting customers from around the world. As such, you will want to diversify the type of payment methods that you accept as well. If you do that, then the sky is really the limit when it comes to increasing revenue and minimizing expenses.