5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Leftover Business Budget


Every business has an annual budget that, more often than not, is never enough. But then, if by some miracle, you have an excess, deciding how to spend it can be a hassle. There are so many options to choose from, and it’s easy to get confused. Luckily, we have five options that may be perfect for your business.

Get some staff training

Staff training provides critical knowledge and skills, while also providing a great bonding opportunity for employees. Staff training is widespread among large corporations with robust budgets. For small businesses, it can seem unnecessary and even wasteful.

Luckily, you have some excess funds this financial quarter. You could upskill your employees, empowering them to achieve bigger personal and business goals.

Invest in/replace essential equipment

If your business is like most, some equipment could likely use some replacement. It could be the chairs that creak every time you sit, or the desks that are just a little higher than most people would like. Everyday equipment sees a lot of wear and tear, and they deserve attention.

On the other hand, you could also consider investing in some top-of-the-line gadgets for the office – perhaps a new laser printer or a cappuccino machine. Small businesses hardly get extra funds, and it’s a good idea to treat yourselves when you do.

Sign up for industry conferences

Every professional knows at least one industry conference they’d love to attend, but can’t afford. These events are often filled with icons in the field who share anecdotes and critical advice based on their personal experiences. Budget excesses give you the chance to attend these events, and maybe even bring some employees with you.

Even though they occur at specific times, you may be lucky enough to have one pop up right around the time your budget excess is discovered. Besides the learning experience, industry conferences also offer great networking opportunities. They are worth the investment.

Invest in your online presence

If you don’t already have a kickass website with on-point SEO, you know where to invest your excess budget. The world has become a digital hub, and customers are more likely to buy from you if you have a unique website with all the content and tools they need.

Your SEO also ensures that the right people can find you, and that could make all the difference for you. While you’re at it, see if you have funds left to boost your social media presence and increase engagement. These count toward giving you an edge over your competition.

Don’t forget about marketing

If you’re getting an excess budget, the chances are that your marketing has performed exceptionally well this year. You’ve generated enough revenue to exceed your previous expectations. You know what they say about the golden goose – you need to feed it.

Look into ways you can further enhance your marketing efforts. If you aren’t already, consider paid ads on search engines and social media. They can be very effective at driving targeted leads your way. What business doesn’t want new leads?

The Bottom Line

All these points are assuming that you have your finances and tax information straightened out. If you don’t, consider hiring a tax accountant or paying for a premium bookkeeping system to help.