6 Web Design Tools to Help You Work Smarter


The web designing industry is proliferating year over year, with new records and technologies being introduced daily. As a result, many platforms and tools are available that allow us to easily create websites and design elements much faster than ever before.

Before a few years, web designing was a somewhat complicated process that required professionals to write massive amounts of code for creating a simple website. And now, anyone who has a fundamental understanding of the web can create a beautiful website without requiring to learn how to code.

Every part of the web design process could be analyzed with one type of tool and others. By taking these tools’ help, the design process has become much simpler and faster; they are also straightforward to learn and master, making an attractive option for anyone willing to try.

Below provided is a list of top web design tools that will help you work smarter and design beautiful websites without learning complicated programming languages.

1. PixelModo

It is an online app that helps you in creating astonishing graphics with is. At the same time, it has never been easier to build a website. Finding the right pictures, you are looking for could still be a challenge, especially if you try to avoid copyright issues. It is where Pixelmodo comes into play as it is an easy to use design tool that will help you design amazing and unique graphics from scratch.

It comes with the data Bank of numerous million high-quality images that could be readily customized with your very own requirements. Its user interface is also very spontaneous and well-designed. You will undoubtedly feel like a professional graphic designer in no time.

2. AidaForm

The online survey helps people gather information for dozens of purposes, incorporating market research, feedback collection, and measuring customer satisfaction. No matter what type of data you want, together with rating scores, multiple choice answers on long text comments, the AidaForm free survey creator helps you collect and evaluate the sponsors’ surveys.

You could check out their most popular readymade service. These are readymade engineering surveys that already include ratings, matrix as, sliders, and other scale fields. You are just required to choose a template that suits your needs, and your survey will be ready in a matter of seconds.

3. Skwoosh

Skwoosh is an excellent free app that will let you compress any image without compromising on quality. Google builds it. While principally aiming at web designers, this app is perfect for any person who compresses their memory-hungry image files.

A simple drag and drop interface are used that makes the method of pleasure to follow. After that, play around with the slide for setting the amount of compression required. This process lets you quickly find the perfect balance between file size and picture quality. It could work both online and offline. It is a Win-Win for web designers, while Google gets faster web that still looks good.

4. Sketch

Sketch one of the very well-known graphic design tools in the market for web designing. Built by Bohemian coding, this highly accomplished UI design tool will make you drop Photoshop instantly.

But like all great apps, it supportive association are worth their weight in the gold. They continuously offer hundreds of plugins to optimize your workflow and, more importantly, organize and find it logically. Since its earlier versions, it has come a very long way from its and is today one of the most highly recommended design tools in the market.

5. LinkSplit

LinkSplit is a quality app that helps you in working smarter and not harder. If you are in the middle of A/B testing a website, you might want to take a look at this application to do some of the heavy lifting. It will empower you to split traffic between two website variations with ease.

It is free for using up to the first 10,000 clicks, and then you are not even required to sign up to get started with your testing. For using it, head over to your site, enter the URL, and it is going to generate short test URLs for you to share with the target audience is.

You could also set up some rules for each URL. For example, if you want to direct us, clients, towards one URL and the rest of the world to another, it is straightforward to achieve.

6. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a very powerful vector designing and a wireframing tool built by Adobe. It is very stable, and it keeps getting better with ages. XD incorporates an excellent suite of drawing tools and other tools that enable you in defining non-static interactions, mobile and desktop previews, and sharing tools for giving feedback on designs.

The software also allows you to select a device-specific artboard size for starting a project, and you can even import. Adobe XD It will enable you to integrate with the rest of the creative cloud; many current users also have fond its utility and intuitive UI.