Digital Kanban Boards: 5 Reasons Why Do You Need Them


Proper organization and prompt management can save any project. Without it, the company takes risks to face a deadline. So, project managers use various methodologies to streamline and visualize the team’s workflow. They create the layout with all working processes to prioritize tasks, find weak points and fix them. Also, this approach is helpful for specialists with long to-do lists. That’s why you can see the notebook or board with writings or sticky notes: it’s a variation of the Kanban board.

If you want to optimize your workflow and make tasks tracking more mobile, you should try digital Kanban boards. We gathered the top 5 reasons to use it. As soon as you finish reading, you will immediately want to try this tool. Let’s check them.

It’s accessible for all team at any moment and any place

A physical board is available only in the office: to see what’s new in the workflow or who is responsible for a certain task, the employer should go to the room where this board stands. It’s challenging or impossible to do when the team includes members from different departments and cities or when specialists work remotely.

The digital Kanban board is accessible at any moment. All team members can make changes there and be aware of the actual status of the project. You don’t need to hold meetings or make calls to learn the status of the tasks. You just log in to the system.

It keeps all information

Sometimes we need to find information from the previous projects or return to completed tasks. It’s easy to do with a digital Kanban tool. It works as a storage and keeps all data, so you can refresh your memory at any moment if you need it: what processes were included in the project, who participated in the development, and more. It’s not real to get this information from sticky notes.

It has a high-security level

Using this instrument, you can set up the needed access level for all team members according to their role in the project. You can’t do this with your physical board when everybody sees all tasks. You can also be sure that all data is safe here. You wouldn’t lose any task, and won’t forget about any process.

It automatizes your processes

You can use the Kanban board for team collaboration, sharing the documents between the employees, for task and time management. Moreover, you can synchronize it with other necessary software, the calendar, or email. By doing so, you optimize your working processes and make it more clear. You don’t need any special settings or program installations – this tool works in your browser.

It’s easy to control and analyze

With the help of the Kanban board, you can easily track the working processes and get the needed reporting metrics: the time taken on work, human resources, etc. This digital solution allows you to create a chart or diagram with these data to analyze and enhance your team performance. So, it saves the time that you would have spent making reports in an additional program.

The digital Kanban boards are more than just software for notes. It’s a powerful tool that can take your company’s workflow to a new level. Just try it, and you won’t return to the physical layouts in your work.