Offshore Software Development – Perfect Way for Cost Saving


In the course of your business, it is certain that the idea of ​​putting software in an efficient customer service process has come up to you quite a few times – for each of us, step by step improving our service every day to reach the threshold of digitalization applied to life.

However, not all ideas can be formed to become a bridge for businesses and customers, and not all technology products can be effectively operated in order to bring the highest values. Moreover, service rates in each market region are different and there is no global uniformity. However, between many different prices and concerns, mobilizing a take care unit of each project when needed can still save more money than recruiting, training and maintaining an IT department at the company. So, a perfect way for cost saving in the midst of this modern landscape for businesses – let’s say offshore software development.

For the IT community around the world, software development, ‘offshore’ has long been a familiar phrase. Basically, the term ‘shore’ in this phrase is not the shore of ‘beach’. Then, is offshore software development the perfect way for cost saving?

Offshore software development, how to know?

Firstly, ‘Shore’ is related to outsourced software developers, in favor of geography. Currently, many investors, small business owners and startups decide to follow this path and outsource their developers from abroad to save resources and optimize costs. In each case, there are bound to be clear benefits and drawbacks from both options, given two different approaches, and so you need to know when to use them and when to avoid them.

The terms “offshore” and “onshore” have traditionally been used to refer to two competing business models. Software outsourcing is the process of processing and completing a software project of company B for company A, generally. After that, through many trials and consultations, the official software will be released to customers and users; with instructions and appropriate interface according to the nature of the business. If your country has enough resources to carry out the project, you will easily find partners and perform ‘onshore software outsourcing’; otherwise, you will need to find service providers from abroad and that is called ‘offshore software outsourcing’.

Onshore companies are companies that register to operate in their own country, founders and key employees are also located in that country. They are registered, do not receive any special treatment for law and tax. Working with onshore companies means that there is no language barrier or cultural differences to deal with.

Offshore companies will usually register operations in one country, and receive projects and conduct operations in countries outside the territory – usually on another continent. In cases where it is impossible to find local talent or local experts with too high a fee, it is reasonable to outsource similar services to a foreign company.

Why can it be said Offshore Software Development is a Perfect way for Cost saving?

As you have also heard about the investment in technology and technology recognition in different regions and countries.

First of all, for countries in the Americas such as the US and Canada, finding a service provider close to shore is possible, thanks to the team of experts in neighboring countries like Mexico or in area Nam My.

Likewise, countries in the European region can also operate software companies near shore, thanks to the potential of neighboring countries in the area.

However, to talk about the prices that go hand in hand with service quality, it is impossible not to mention Asian countries with many international listings, spanning from modern fields such as e-Commerce, m-Commerce to health, banking, logistics … with a full chain of customers of all ages.

Every business today needs digital transformation. This is fine. Because, the cost of recruiting, training and maintaining the entire IT department for a long time is not easy for all businesses. In fact, some businesses already have an IT department, when it comes to product results bearing modern trends and technology still needs the support of part – or the whole – from things. Therefore, the use of an offshore software development team is a reasonable thing based on the flexibility of its members, more economical service rates maintain a cumbersome IT department and up-to- date in exploring new technology and technical trends. All you need to do is come up with your own ideas and let developers do their work. Forget complicated processes and problems and focus on your own business – because developers will solve those problems for you and bring your ideas into real products.