How T-shirt Design Software Helps T-shirt Business in Sustaining Amid COVID-19 Pandemic?


The fashion industry took a huge blow due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many brands had to take extreme steps of retrenchments and store closures to sustain the lockdown. While the world is adjusting with the new normal, there have been many changes in customer behavior as well as customer expectations! On one end customers have inclined towards online purchases and customized t-shirt trends, on the other, they are also expecting the Fashion Industry to behave responsibly by adopting sustainable ways of manufacturing and contribute towards climate change.

Right from big brands like H&M, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s to various small brands and t-shirt printing businesses, all are trying to reinvent their brands and create an image of a sustainable brand. If you too are looking to survive this change and the blow of the COVID-19 pandemic, the best way to do it is adopt to the Digital Textile Printing Methods and integrate an ideal t-shirt design software for customized t-shirts.

To understand how this combination will help, below are the benefits and features of employing Digital Textile Printing along with a T-shirt Design Tool:

Digital Textile Printing and T-shirt design tool- a combination that helps you sustain COVID-19 with Sustainable manufacturing:

Features and benefits of Digital Textile Printing

– 1. Least possible pollution:
Digital Textile Printing technology works on virtual designing of products using T-shirt design software and then printing those designs on pre-treated t-shirts with the use of Inkjet Printers. Since the inkjet printers are used, there is no need for traditional dyeing and chemical printing processes and thus, digital textile printing results in the least possible water pollution! Apart from that, digital textile printing technology supports multiple fabric materials including and thus, you could choose an organic t-shirt material for sustainable printing.

– 2. Print on Demand:

Since designing of the t-shirts can be done virtually and printing is done using inkjet printers, you can easily adopt the Print on Demand business model with Digital Textile Printing. As no dyes are involved, you can print 2-3 t-shirts too and send them to your customers. Thus, not only do you save a lot on inventory costs that can also end up as deadstock, you can also allow customers to design their unique customized t-shirts and place small orders with your business. 

– 3. Low infrastructure cost:
While inkjet printers cost on the higher side, their design is compact and thus, you can set up your t-shirt manufacturing unit in small and confined spaces too! All you need is a printer and t-shirt design software and you can order pre-treated t-shirts from printers. Thus, while you invest more in machinery setup, you can save a lot of preliminary costs on infrastructure and storage facilities.

Benefits of T-shirt Design Tools to survive COVID-19 Pandemic

– 1. Empowering customers to design their own clothes:

Today, t-shirt printing businesses continue to boom around the world. With the help of a custom t-shirt design tool, you can empower your customers to design their own products right from the scratch or with your ready-to-use design templates. Not only will they have optimum customization options like text, images, photos, clip art and others, they would have multiple design areas as well.

– 2. Additional revenue model:
On one end where you save cost on innovation, infrastructure and inventory, on the other end you can also introduce an additional revenue model by renting your T-shirt design tool to designers and enterprises on a subscription or rental basis.

Thus, with the help of this dynamic duo Digital Textile printing and t-shirt design tool, you can not only survive the COVID-19 pandemic, you can also re-invent your brand image as a sustainable clothing manufacturer and create a buzz in the market.