9 Productivity Tips Everyone Studying Online Should Use


If you want to succeed in online learning, the key thing to keep in mind is that courses taught through the Internet are just as rigorous and intensive as traditional classes at a college. No matter how comfy you may feel, it takes discipline and dedication to stay productive.

To help you get on the right track, here are the top nine productivity tips for online learners.

Find the Right Tools

Depending on the type of your course, you will need some basic things, as well as some special tools or equipment to succeed. It is vital to take care of this beforehand.
The basics that everyone needs to study productively should include:

– A powerful and fast-working computer;
– A stable Internet connection;
– A notebook and pen;
– Headphones to block out any noises, etc.

Apart from these basic things, think of other tools you may need to stay productive and successful. For example, if you are taking a university course, you may want to have a platform like essaywriterservice.com in mind to come to your rescue when you face a tight deadline or complex topic.

Find the Right Place

First things first – you may not realize this, but a wisely chosen area for study is already 50% of success. It is vital to ensure that nothing will bother you during the sessions.

To set yourself in the right set of mind for work, make sure that your area is:

– Quiet;
– Equipped with everything you need;
– Out of reach of other family members or roommates;
– Free of distractions.

If there is no such place at home, try to find any other area where you can study without being bothered. For example, it can be your backyard. Also, if you feel like staying in your house won’t do any good, find a quiet coffee shop or library.

Keep the Desk Clean

If you prefer to study at home, one vital thing to take care of is the cleanliness of the desk. It is proven that a cluttered workplace kills productivity. So, don’t let yourself fall into that trap!

According to the study by the University of Chicago Press, a messy desk is demotivating. Poor organization of the workspace indicates the loss of control, which in turn affects your ability to do your best. Besides, clutter is an additional distraction. Therefore, it is vital to keep your environment clean and tidy.

Master Time-Management

Needless to say how important time-management is when it comes to working or studying online. Probably the hardest part of learning from home is having to plan and organize your day on your own. Often, this leads to frustration and anxiety. Thus, to succeed, be sure that you brush up on your time-management skills!

Dress Up

Many people believe that working or studying online ultimately means not having to dress up for work. Well, while you are not required to do that, you’d better do!

Sticking around in PJs all day long may feel good. Yet, it is the opposite of productivity. Not getting dressed makes you disorganized and less likely to have a productive day. Thus, our next tip is – dress up for success! This will set the right atmosphere and tone for an effective study session.

Be Proactive

An easy way to stay engaged and productive all the time is to simply stay active during your classes. Are there any live discussions? – If yes, that’s great! Go ahead and participate in those.

The more you interact with the teacher and other course takers, the more engaged in the process you’ll feel, and the higher your chances to succeed will be!

Take Notes

Watching lectures in a video format can make you feel too relaxed. After all, you can always go back and play it again, right? Wrong guess!

Of course, online lectures have certain benefits, one of which the possibility to revise the material later. However, such an approach is not productive.

Note-taking is an integral part of learning. When you take notes, you stay more concentrated and retain the information better. Besides, it is just another way to help you set the right atmosphere for work at home. Thus, grab your notebook and pen, and take notes!

Take Breaks

The importance of taking breaks throughout the day has been numerously proven. To stay productive and motivated, one must schedule regular breaks. During them, you let your brain unwind and retain the information better. Besides, it protects you from burnout.

Go Out

We’ve said a lot about how hard it can be to get in the right mood for studying at home. That’s true. And that’s exactly why when students finally start feeling productive, they often tend to refuse to distract themselves and go out. However, such an approach can lead to quick burnout.
Even when you study online, it is vital that you get out of your cave from time to time! The lack of real-life socialization is one of the biggest cons of learning from home. And to be successful, you need to make up for the missed networking opportunities!

Go out and let yourself unwind regularly. Remember that without proper rest, there is no productivity!

The Bottom Line

Studying is never a piece of cake, regardless of whether you physically attend a university or obtain new knowledge from the comfort of your home. In fact, many people claim that learning online is actually harder. And there are quite a few reasons for that.

Firstly and most importantly, it simply feels hard to concentrate when you are at home. The cozy atmosphere of your own house can really get into your way of acquiring new knowledge. However, though it is hard, it is possible to learn online and be productive.

With the right tools and the handy tips from this article, you are doomed to succeed! So, go ahead and conquer your courses following our tips!